6 Reasons why you should use signal


Signal is a private messaging application that is currently being adopted by many people all around the world after WhatsApp is set to share data of it’s users with Facebook.

WhatsApp being one of the most popular messaging app has informed it’s users about new policies which requires all WhatsApp users to share their personal data with Facebook, or delete their account if the fail to adhere to the new policy. However, many people are rushing to an alternative chat based applications, such as signal. Read the 6 reasons why you should use signal below.

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Image Source: Mobile App Daily

Transparency of open source

Signal being open source means that the creators of the app, signal has released the complete code to the app to the general public. Anyone can access the code and read through the entire blueprint of the software to study how the app works

Total Encryption

Signal is totally encrypted and will not share your information to anybody. The code released by Signal shows that they are encrypted and will not leak any of your information to the public and also hackers can not access your information.

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Your Phone Number is Secured

Signal has an option called “Registration Lock,” which helps you to protect your phone. Signal can use your phone number for text verification. Users set up a pin code that they may must present when trying to use their phone number log in into an existing account.

Biometric security options

Apart from your password and code, signal allows you to use biometric security options such as fingerprint recognition or face ID.

Protect your IP address

Unlike other messaging apps, signal protects your IP address by offering encrypted group video calls and audio calls as well. This feature allows you to keep all your interactions safe. You can make calls and share confidential information on signal without worrying because messages, voice calls, and video calls are all encrypted.

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Privacy Screen Option

Signal has a feature that will help you to prevent private messages from flashing on your screen as a mortification. Notification of your chats on signal can be muted and prevented from appearing on your phone screen