7-month-old foetus dumped in a school in Eastern Region

Foetus pf some moths

The sad news reaching is that a seven month old aborted foetus has been dumped in a school in Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

In the New Juaben South Municipality of the Eastern Region lies a school by name Betom Methodist School. This is the place where the found was found. It was found with swarms of termites and other insects around it. It is suspected that the foetus was dumped during the midnight time by an unknown person. The town members made it clear that illegal abortion is very high in the town. Notwithstanding, they were surprised since majority deposit the foetus in toilets.

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The foetus has been retrieved by the district Police for preservation at the morgue as investigations have commenced to get hold of the persons behind that. Those who saw it earlier are some children who saw it and shouted for help. Many people in a short period of time gathered at the scene to witness this breaking news.

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A retired nurse was able to analyse that the foetus was very fresh and it was deposited at the midnight . Abortions are disallowed by the law of the land and hence, severe punishment would be imposed on any perpetrator found.

The rate of mortality in Ghana is high due to some factors like illegal abortion.


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