‘A grown man does something and later blames a woman for it – Serwaa Amihere throws subtly shade


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A post by Serwaa Amihere on Twitter has got users asking questions.

Though she never mentioned a name nor directed her post to anyone yet it’s believed she made that post in reaction to TT’s claim that a woman made him poor.

Remember in the last few days, a 2018 video interview of TT with Delay resurfaced on the internet amid the plea of the veteran actor for help.

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In the video, T.T is seen apologising to his wife and children for forsaking them to follow another woman he described as the demon behind his miseries.

During the interview with Delay, the actor broke down into tears as he recounted all the troubles he drove his own children through because of some illogical decisions he made some years ago.

Scores of celebrities after the video came out again shared their thoughts on it. Serwaa Amihere made the post within that period hence the netizen’s dogma of it being a reference to TT.

Taking to social media, Serwaa queried why a mature man who can tell the right from the wrong will impute another person for his mistakes.

Serwaa Amihere believes that Psalm Adjeteyfio is being quite irresponsible and dishonest for not owning up to his mistake rather shifting on someone else.

She wrote;

She wrote on Twitter, ‘A grown man does something and later blames a woman for it. Boi‘

Do you also think Amihere made this post throwing subtle shade to TT? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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