Actress reveals secret behind ‘sloppy head’ that women never tell


Amma Serwah is an actress and a fashion designer Amma Serwah is an actress and a fashion designer

Actress and Fashion Designer, Amma Serwah, has revealed why women sometimes spit out a lot of saliva around their partner’s manhood while giving ‘blow job.’

Although most men seem to like sloppy blow jobs, Amma Serwah revealed to Adwen the Love Doctor during an interview on eTV Ghana’s adult show ‘In Bed with Adwen’ that when women do that, there is a high possibility that the man’s penis smells bad.

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“If you don’t keep yourself neat, you’ll realize that any time she’s giving you BJ, it’s like she’s playing with the saliva around your dick. Personally, I’m not the type that gives sloppy heads but the truth is when women do that, it’s because your penis smells”, she said.

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According to Amma, “The same way men tactically smell the vagina while giving cunnilingus, that is the same way we also smell the penis while giving BJ. When the penis is not neat, it will have a funny, salty taste when she puts it in her mouth”.

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She further advised men to be very conscious of their bodies and make neatness a priority. She noted that a lot of men are not very particular about neatness because they think it is more important for ladies than it is for them, however, that should not be the case.