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Adu Safowaa speaks following her arrest over blackmail


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Unperturbed about the public shame following her arrest yesterday, Adu Safowaa has once again stormed social media to drop a reaction to the apprehension and the claims it accompanies with it.

It was reported yesterday that Regina Adu Safowaa was arrested by the police for blackmailing one Nana Doe who happens to be a big-time business mogul and the alledged boyfriend of Nana Aba Anamoah.

She blackmailed him Ghs 100,000.

Reacting to the news, she has confirmed her arrest but according to her, it’s not like how it was virally reported to the public. Safowaa stated was never put behind bars but was invited to the police station for some questioning.

She took to her official Instagram page to react to the news amid bragging that she went by herself to the police station as requested.

Read her full post below;

I am a citizen of the Republic of Ghana. If someone is Reported by another to the police….. and the person gets invitation by the police, the invitation must be respected.

I paid heed with my lawyers to Ashongman police station on a Report of a gentleman. I was asked by the police to sit at counter back for questioning….. I did as every citizen will. Later, a video is taking of me sitting at counter back.
Are you all not ashamed what your country Ghana is becoming?

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People can video even at places, where a citizen life is to be protected.
Jubilating on the internet about me @globaladusafowah does nothing …. Pray you can stand this situations when it happens to you. I am still the toughest.
I have never trusted any human being before….. GOD ALMIGHTY IS MY ABSOLUTE TRUST… so wateva my fellow human being does has no effect on me…….. Nsuo b3y3 buo den ?????. Gm and pray for more life….

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