Bananas are extremely healthy and delicious.They contain several essential nutrients and provide benefits for digestion, heart health and weight loss.Aside from being very nutritious, they are also a highly convenient snack food.we will be looking at very important ways bananas are importantand how to get the best out of it.

Benefits of eating Banana

Bananas are extremely healthy and delicious;They contain several essential nutrients and provide benefits for digestion, heart health and weight loss.Aside from being very nutritious, they are also a highly convenient snack food.they contains nutrients such as potassium, vitamins B6, magnesium, copper, Fiber,net carbs, proteins of 1.3g,11%of vitamin C and many more.

Bananas May Improve Digestive Health ;Dietary fiber has been linked to many health benefits, including improved digestion.A medium-sized banana has about 3 grams of fiber, making bananas a fairly good fiber source Bananas contain two main types of fiber Pectin: Decreases as the banana ripens.Resistant starch: Found in unripe bananas.Resistant starch escapes digestion and ends up in your large intestine, where it becomes beneficial for the bacteria in your gut. IN SUMMARY Bananas are fairly rich in fiber and resistant starch, which may feed your friendly gut bacteria and safeguard against colon cancer.

Bananas May Support Heart Health ;Potassium is a mineral that is essential for heart health — especially blood pressure control .Despite its importance, few people get enough potassium in their diet .Bananas are a great dietary source of potassium. One medium-sized banana (118 grams) contains 9% of the RDI.A potassium-rich diet can help lower blood pressure, and people who eat plenty of potassium have up to a 27% lower risk of heart disease . IN SUMMAR Bananas are a good dietary source of potassium and magnesium — two nutrients that are essential for heart health.

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Bananas Improve Kidney Health; Potassium is essential for blood pressure control and healthy kidney function.As a good dietary source of potassium, bananas may be especially beneficial for maintaining healthy kidneys.One study in women determined that those who ate bananas 3-4 times per week were 33% less likely to develop kidney disease.Other studies note that those who eat bananas 4–6 times a week are almost 50% less likely to develop kidney disease. IN SUMMARYE:ating banana several times a week may reduce your risk of kidney disease by up to 50%. This is so amazing

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Bananas Are High In Several Antioxidants; Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of dietary antioxidants, and bananas are no exception.They contain several types of potent antioxidants, including dopamine and catechin. IN SUMMARY: Bananas are high in several antioxidants, which may to help reduce damage from free radicals and lower your risk of some diseases.

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Bananas May Give Harder Erections in Men Bananas also contain tryptophan, an amino acid needed for serotonin production, our ‘feel good’ hormones. Bananas are also packed with potassium, used to produce sex hormones, and improve heart health and sex drive. Bananas also contain an enzyme called bromelain, which helps to improve blood flow and increase libido.Diets rich in potassium and magnesium (which is also found in bananas) can reduce the risk of stroke.lets now look at how to prepare Banana juice for men, below are some useful ways;


  • Take about 5 fingers of Banana and wash clean
  • Gently peel off the skin and jump into a dustbine because the Peel off can cause accident
  • Chop the banana into pieces and Add a piece of ginger
  • Add about half glass of water and blend together
  • Enjoy your juice and give a testimony#long live our men.


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