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Breaking News-Since February, Germany has had the highest number of daily Covid-19 deaths.


Germany recorded its highest number of daily deaths from Covid-19 since February on Wednesday, as it struggles to bring a fourth wave of the pandemic under control.

According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), the national disease and control center, 69,601 new infections were registered in the last 24 hours, with an additional 527 persons dying. That was the greatest daily death toll in Covid-19 since February 18, when 534 people died.

The seven-day incidence rate in Germany has decreased slightly, although it remains high at 427 per 100,000 people. Since the onset of the pandemic, the country has documented 104,047 deaths due to Covid-19.

The bad news arrived on the same day that Olaf Scholz was ushered in as Germany’s new Chancellor, succeeding Angela Merkel at the helm of Europe’s most powerful economy. Karl Lauterbach, a member of parliament and a distinguished epidemiologist, has been appointed as the country’s new health minister.

In an effort to combat the COVID-19 virus, Germany declared a statewide lockdown for the unvaccinated past week, preventing them from entering all but the most critical enterprises, such as supermarkets and pharmacies. Those who have recently recovered from Covid-19 are exempt from the ban.

Its leaders also endorsed proposals for mandatory vaccinations in the coming months, which, if approved by the German parliament, could go into action as early as February.

Many hospitals are struggling to cope with the rising number of intensive care patients, and German doctors have warned that intensive care occupancy levels may soon exceed those recorded during the peak of last winter’s season.

The emergence of the fast-spreading Omicron coronavirus variant has heightened concerns in Germany as elsewhere.

Researchers working in South Africa reported Tuesday that the Omicron variant partly escapes the protection offered by the Pfizer vaccine, although people who have been previously infected and then vaccinated are likely to be well protected. The research team cautioned that it was a small, preliminary study.

A worker evaluated a rapid Covid-19 test in Dresden, Saxony, on December 3.

If approved, Germany’s vaccine mandate would follow in the footsteps of neighboring Austria, which also plans to make inoculations for eligible adults compulsory from February.

Greece announced last week that vaccines would be mandatory for people aged over 60 from mid-January. Those refusing to do so would face 100 euro (US $113) fines for each passing month, the government said.

The United Kingdom marked a year Wednesday since it became the world’s first nation to begin vaccinating its citizens with a fully vetted and authorized Covid-19 shot.

The UK government is under pressure from leading scientists to introduce tougher restrictions to try to limit infections amid rising case numbers. The seven-day rolling average on November 29 was over 45,000, the highest it’s been since a peak around October 17.

UK health officials are urging all those eligible to get vaccinated against Covid-19 and has accelerated its booster shot rollout, amid wide concern over the potential impact of the Omicron variant. Last week, the government reimposed the requirement to wear a face covering in shops and on public transport after a number of cases of the new variant were detected in the UK.

“We can conclude there is now community transmission across multiple regions of England,” UK Health Secretary Sajid Javid said Monday of the Omicron variant.

At the same time, the UK government is facing an uproar over reports of a staff Christmas party at Downing Street during last year’s lockdown.

GOOBA Lyrics MP3 Download -6ix9ine


GOOBA Lyrics Mp3 download is the first single from Brooklyn rapper 6ix9ine since his infamous September 2019 testimony in the case of United States vs. Nine Trey Bloods. This track came just weeks after his April 2020 compassionate early release due to the 2020 SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in America.

Download GOOBA MP3

I tell a nigga don’t dick ride, don’t blick ride
Leave it to the double thick thighs, twin sisters
Drop it down and wobble, wobble up, mami booted up
She get down and gobble, gobble up ’cause my money up
Slide, slide in the Bentley truck-a, the Wraith truck-a
Your bestie is a dick sucker, I big dub her
As-salama-lama alaykum, you big hater
You nothin’ but a hater, hater, clout chaser

Download one of the trending song’s in 2020 Gooba-6ix9ine

The Future Of SEO In 2022:Top 7 Trends To Know


When it comes to commercializing your business, you know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a valuable strategy to grow your business online. The Future of SEO in 2022, As you examine your strategy for 2022, you may be wondering if you are doing everything necessary to help your site rank in the new year;

  • Focusing on user search intent
  • Build dynamic, scalable content that informs your audience.
  • Provide an easy -to- use mobile website
  • Optimization for semantic search
  • Optimizing for Google Discover
  • Deliver a positive user experience
  • Integrating omni-channel marketing
Optimization for semantic search
When it comes to commercializing your business, you know that search engine optimization (SEO) is a valuable strategy to grow your business online. The Future of SEO in 2022, As you examine your strategy for 2022, you may be wondering if you are doing everything necessary to help your site rank in the new year

Keep reading to learn more about each of these trends! And if you want to get more tips and tricks for marketing your business online, subscribe to our email newsletter!

1. Focusing on user search intent

First on the list is the latest SEO trends focusing on user search intent. This trend has been popular over the years and still holds true for 2022. Creating pages that focus on user search intent is fundamental to succeeding with SEO in 2022.

User search intent, which is the meaning behind why someone conducts a search, is critical for helping you rank in search results. People conduct searches looking for specific information. If your page doesn’t provide the information they need, you won’t rank well in search results.

If you want to meet the user’s search intent, look at what’s already ranking for your pages’ key terms. So, for example, if you’re trying to rank for “how to organize your closet,” you’d look in the search results to see what’s ranking.

Search Result

top 10 mlm companies

Based on the search results, you can get an idea of how to approach your content.

2. Build dynamic, scalable content that informs your audience.

The future of SEO in 2022 also includes creating evergreen content, Content is an essential component if you want to succeed with search engine optimization in 2022.

If you don’t create content, you won’t have anything to rank in search results. If you want your content to rank in search results, you need to optimize it for search engines.

So, to keep up with the latest SEO trends, you need to create evergreen content, which is content that is sustainable over time. Things like news articles are not evergreen, as they’re dated and only relevant for a short period.

You want to create content that will be relevant six months, one year, or more after its release. When your content becomes relevant over time, it gives you more time to optimize your content and categorize it in search results. To start generating scalable content, consider your industry’s critical topics or the common questions your audience asks. These are great places to start building content.

For example, if you run a candy shop, people might ask questions like:

  • What chocolate is best for making candy?
  • How is [candy type] made?
  • How do you make candy sour?
  • How do you keep the chocolate from seizing?
  • What’s the best candy to make for Christmas?

Credit to Webfx.com for the above tips.

You could use these questions as inspiration for creating content that’s helpful and informative to your audience.

3. Provide an easy-to-use mobile website.

Next on our list of SEO trends for 2022 is to deliver a mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website is fundamental if you want your ranking to be successful in the new year.

Google uses a mobile index, which means that it takes into consideration the mobile version of your site when ranking your site in search results. Therefore, if you do not have a mobile website, your ranking will be affected.

To get a mobile-friendly website, integrate responsive design into your site. Responsive design ensures your site adapts to whatever device your audience uses. Whether they access your site from a smartphone or tablet, they’ll have a positive experience.

So, by optimizing for mobile devices, you’ll help provide a positive experience that enables you to rank better in search results.

4. Optimization for semantic search.

The future of SEO in 2022 also includes semantic search. Semantics is the study of words and their relationships and what those words mean in specific contexts. Regarding search engines, the semantic search focuses on determining the context and intent of search queries.

Semantic search is critical for 2022 because it focuses on delivering the best user experience for your audience. You create content that’s focused on your audience and giving them the best experience on your site.

In this case, how can you optimize for semantic search?

  • Always Write for users, not search engines: Most renowned companies make the mistake of writing for search engines so they can rank better in search results. Instead, one should focus on writing for users. Currently, Search engines are smart enough to pick up on what users want, so creating content targeted towards users will help you rank better and faster.
  • Meet your audience’s topic in question: It is necessary, to provide content that works for your audience, you need to answer your audience’s questions. So, if someone wants to know how to trade crypto, your content should emphatically tell your audience how to trade bitcoin.
  • Add structured data: Structured data are valuable for serving your audience with useful information. This type of data may include information like product ratings or recipe cooking time. You can provide your audience with helpful information that makes them more likely to click on that listing.
The future of SEO in 2022 also includes creating evergreen contents, Content is an essential component if you want to succeed with search engine optimization in 2022.
image from Google

5. Optimizing for Google Discover

Next on our list, SEO trends are optimizing for Google Discover. Google Discover is a structured feed of content relevant to the user’s search behavior and online browsing that appears on the Google homepage on mobile devices.

You may want to optimize your content to enable you to rank in Google Discover so that people interested in your industry and business can potentially see your content in their Discover feed.

So, how do you get your content optimized for Google Discover?

The key element in helping your content appear in Google Discover is adding visuals to your content. Since this feed uses visuals when displayed to users, you’ll want to ensure you add visuals to your content so you have a cover photo to appear in the feed.

Moreover, you’ll also need to ensure you’re creating targeted content that appeals to your audience. When your content is targeted, it’s easier for Google to understand the context and recommend it to users.

image from Microsoft feeds

By creating well-optimized content, you’ll increase the chances you appear in Google Discover feeds and reach more qualified leads.

6.  Deliver a positive user experience.

For the future of SEO in 2022 to 2025, you need to focus on a positive user experience. With more people shopping online, it’s fundamental that your site provides the best experience.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are trying to stay safe by shopping online and getting products delivered to their homes. Taking Black Friday for an example, It was reported that sales jumped from $7.5 billion in 2019 ending to $11 billion in 2021.

This trend will continue well into 2022 to 2025, as more consumers shift to shopping online to get what they need. To prepare for this trend, you need to ensure that your site provides a positive user experience for your audience.

You may provide a constructive user experience by:

  • Ensuring your site is secure with a secure socket layer (SSL) for safe shopping
  • Verifying your site loads quickly so users can access information faster
  • Creating navigation that makes it easy for users to find products quickly

7. Integrating Multidirectional channel marketing

Last on the list of SEO trends for 2022 is omnichannel marketing. While SEO is an extremely valuable and core strategy for your marketing plan, it’s not the only one. People will uncover your business through multiple channels, so you need to take an omnichannel approach with your marketing.

People can discover your business through channels like social media ads, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, or organic social media posts. If you aren’t optimizing for these strategies, though, you make it harder for new people to discover your business. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the heavy social Media trends if you want to run ads or make your company/business discoverable.

Additionally, once people discover your business, you want to keep them interested. That’s where marketing channels like email marketing and social media marketing can help you nurture leads towards change.

A multi-channel marketing strategy will help your SEO by allowing you to drive people /traffic to your site. Whether you email them to your latest blog post or share it on social media, you may be creating new opportunities for people to visit your site.

Using great software such as Ubersuggest will make you rank faster

The Future of SEO for content writters
Ubersuggest allows you to get insight into the strategies that are working for others in your market so you can adopt them, improve them, and gain an edge.

Click on the link to access Ubersuggest for free.


Top Records of Cristiano Ronaldo in UEFA

top records of Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese International footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballer in the history of the sport. The 35-year-old attacker for Italian side Juventus has been the most iconic player as far as Uefa Champions League football is concerned.

Ronaldo has over twenty champions league records that prove that he is the king of the Uefa Champions League.

Listed below are the record the Portuguese national team captain can boast of, as far as Champions league football is concerned.

  1. Highest top scorer in the Uefa Champions League – 129
  2. Joint highest goal scoring seasons – 14
  3. Player with most goals in a season – 17. ( 2013/2014 season ).
  4. Most wins in Champions League finals – 5 times.
  5. Highest winner of Champions League golden boot – 7 times
  6. Most hat tricks in one Champions League Season – 3
  7. Joint Most hat tricks in Champions League – 8 times
  8. Most goals in Champions League history – 128
  9. Player to score most goals in a Champions League season – 17 (2013/14)
  10. Most Champions League final wins – 5
  11. Player to score in three Champions League finals – 3 times
  12. The oldest player to score a Champions League hat-trick (34 years and 35 days)
  13. Most goals in the Champions League knockout round of the competition – 66
  14. Most goals in the Champions League knockout round in one season – 11
  15. First player to score a total of 100 Champions League goals.


  1. First player to score 100 Champions League goals for one club (Real Madrid).
  2. Player to score in all six Champions League group stage matches (2017/18 season)
  3. The only player to score 10 goals in seven consecutive Champions League seasons.
  4. Player to score most braces in Champions League history – 35 times
  5. Player to score in most Champions League games scored in a row – 11 matches.
  6. Most away Champions League games scored in a row – 12
  7. Joint Most home Champions League games scored in a row – 7
  8. Joint Most Champions League opponents scored against – 33 teams
  9. Most Champions League victories – 105
  10. Most Champions League goals scored against clubs from one country – 27 goals against German clubs.
  11. Player to score most Champions League goals against a single opponent – 10 times against Juventus.
  12. Joint Most Champions League seasons scored in a row – 14 times
  13. Player with most goals scored in Champions League finals – 4 goals
  14. Most Champions League penalties scored – 16 (19 taken)
  15. Most goals scored with the head- 22

Cristiano Ronaldo is the true king of Champions League football with his incredible statistics.



Sperm quality is influenced by a number of factors ranging from genetics, general health, stature, mental health conditions, improper nutrition, stress, and hormones effects. Ensuring good nutrition is of vital importance, and some foods and nutrients are associated with greater fertility benefits than others.

Listed below are some basic definitions relating to Sperm health.

1. Sperm Count

It is the measure of the amount of sperm produced per measured amount of semen. A normal male should be able to able to produce about 38 million to 310 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

2. Sperm Motility

It refers to the measure of the swim ability and mobility of sperm. A normal human being should have about 40% of his sperm been motile.

3. Sperm Morphology

It refers to the form which includes the shape, state and size of sperm.



Taking in excess amounts of alcohol is very dangerous to the human body as it first weakens the immune system and it paves way for diseases to have effects on the body. Drinking too much alcohol content in drinks with the aim of boosting appetite can harm sperm quality. Research shows that it is not advisable to drink more than 450 milliliters of alcohol in a week. Alcohol easily enters the semen immediately after drinking and it can cause a change in the makeup of the sperm.


It can also reshape and lower the tendency of sperm to move. Alcohol can cause a severe lowering of the testosterone levels in males which is not very positive. The best way s to abstain from alcoholism for the betterment of your sperm health.

Processed Meat

Scientists have researched and have made claims on the negative impacts of processed meats on the health of humans. A list of some processed meats includes dogs, pork, beef, and bacon. Eating processed meat decreases the sperm counts of the individual and affects the movement of the sperms.

Processed Meat

Men who take in less processed meat have a high probability of producing quality sperms to aid in reproduction as compared to others who take in much-processed meat. It is advisable to include seafood such as oyster, lobster, and shrimps as alternates to processed meat as they are able to give a boost to sperm health.

Dairy Fat Products

The shape of the Sperm is changed from normal to abnormal when high amounts of dairy fat products are consumed. Fat Dairy products are known to be saturated and hence its abundance in the human system can affect hormonal processes and sex life of males. Research shows that the dairy product with the highest fat content is butter, it is advisable to avoid it and make use of unsaturated oil such as sunflower.

Dairy products

Avoid too many dairy food products which may impair your hopes to become a potential father. Research proves there is about 22- 25% reduction in the sperm health quality of males who consume high amounts of dairy products.

What should be noted is that there are some food that also destroys the sperms when they are entering the woman’s reproductive system.


– Taking in a lot of fruits is very essential to reproductive health.

– Regular exercises is very key.

– Making enough time to sleep for the body to rest.

– Avoid smoking

– Make good use of garlic

– Avoiding too much of fried foods

– Taking in more water

Make good use of the information provided. Share the link for others to benefit from this wonderful education.

Fastest way to reduce belly fat and weight loss (fruits) .

Fastest way to reduce belly fat and weight loss (fruits) .

We now live in the world that everyone is body-consciousness. There are many ways to reduce belly fat and weight loss, such as exercising and strict dietary practices, but the easiest and fastest way is the intake of fruits. This is one of the cheapest ways because fruits are less expensive in the market and almost easily accessible.

Apples are the best in terms of reducing belly fat and weight loss. They contain pectin which is a natural fiber found in plants. Eating whole apples help in reducing cholesterol and making the body healthy as compared to taking in apple juices. Apples also protect against diabetes, prevent obesity, and protect against heart diseases.

Watermelon is also another fruit that can help you to burn fat. Because watermelon is 90% of water, serving 100-gram contains only 30 calories.It is a source of amino acid called arginine which helps burn fat quickly. Watermelon also helps you to stay hydrated, may have anticancer effects, improve heart health and also relieve muscle soreness.

Coconut are great boosters to the rate of metabolism. They contain protein, vitamins and other minerals and also water. They are generally known to be a source of healthy fat. Regularly eating coconut meat helps with weight loss as the coconut meat contains large amounts of medium chain fatty acids, a type of saturated fat which is easily digestible than animal fats. Thus, they are associated with fat burning.

Orange is one of the fruits with an extreme source of vitamin C. Oranges have been proven to reduce belly fats because of the vitamin C content. The more oranges you consume, the more the presence of vitamin C helps with the body metabolism and the more it will reduce the fats accumulated in your body.

Bananas are rich in magnesium and potassium. They also aid in weight loss as they are great fat-busters. They keep your hunger urges under control and resolve to all you digestion and bloating issues.


Too much of everything has its side effects as well, it is advisable to take in some of these fruits in moderation. The best fruits are the natural ones so while buying fruits stay away from the canned ones as they contain sugar syrup and are high in energy density. Consumers who are concerned about pesticides, can opt for organically grown fruits from the farm. So whiles engaging in exercising and dietary practices include fruits as well.



The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology ranks the best university in Quality Education in Africa and 14th in the world. KNUST beats 1,166 out of 1,180 universities that fell within the category in the world. This was according to the Times Higher Education World University Impact Rankings 2022. The University of Johannesburg came closest in Africa as the 39th position.On 28th of June, 2022 released by the University’s management.

The result was based on 13 precised performance measures that assess a university’s performance in four areas of quality education: teaching, research, knowledge and international outlook. As the management also expresses its thankfulness to the hard working stuffs, students, constructive partners and all other stakeholders.

Kudos to KNUST.


Rita Dominic ties the knot in a traditional wedding at her home country #ReelDeel22


Nigerian actress Rita Uchenna Nkem Dominic Nwaturuocha who won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading role in 2012, tied the knot in a traditional wedding on Tuesday, 19th April, 2022 with his lover Fidelis Anosike who is the founder of Folio Media Group, a multimedia group that owns the Daily Times Nigeria which is also the oldest newspaper in Nigeria.

The traditional wedding took place at her late father’s compound at Imo State. The occasion was graced by the attendance of Nollywood stars, family members and friends who made the event a splendid one.

Notable friends like Ini Edo, Lilian Aegbe, Chidi Mokeme, Mr. Ibu, Uche Jombo and Lydia Forson who flew from Ghana to support her, etc making spotlights on Instagram in their #AsoEbi and serving us with beauty and fragrance in their pictures.

Rita Dominic ties the knot in a traditional wedding at her home country #ReelDeel22

Trending Now: Black Sherrif “Kweku The Traveller” Lyrics, Music and Video.

Black Sherrif: Kweku The Traveller

The new trending music by ‘Blacko’ which got released this year, 31st March, 2022 which has been trending both in and across the country where both young and old seem to be jamming to the song.

Play Audio


Kweku killa I don’t lie
when I say I did it did it
Big stacks big cash my way but still I fumble it under one minute
Still I believe I but can’t blame myself this shit
I knew mandem was born this shit
Ofcos I fucked up. Who never fuck up
hands in the air.
No hands ?
Still I can’t believe
You know what I mean
I was young what do you expect from me
It is what it is

But I keep going on more like a rolling stone
Cos I have no stopping time
Can’t nobody stop a man
Oh I keep going on more like a rolling stone
cos i have no stopping time
Can’t nobody stop a man

No I go dey run my race
I’m gonna keep my pace
I really have no one to blame
when I fall again
I can’t stand this pain
I can’t watch me fail
so anytime you pray
Remember my name

Remember you know a traveller
The name is Kweku the hustler
He’s been far away chasing gwalala
I will be back again bro me ka me nan
I swear on my life
I can’t wait to be back
I know you miss me I know
Remember you know a traveller
The name is Kweku the hustler
He’s been far away chasing gwalala
I will be back again bro me ka me nan
I swear on my life
I can’t wait to be back
I know you miss me I know

They say
when it’s then it’s on
You can’t stop till it’s done
sika dam na me bo
Abrantie ma si so
cigarette si ma no
ntampi nkoa na me
cigarette si ma no
cigarette si ma no
when it’s then it’s on
You can’t stop till it’s done
sika dam na me bo
Abrantie ma si so
cigarette si ma no
ntampi nkoa na me
cigarette si ma no
cigarette si ma no

Yah! see me on the road side
may3 fine
Talking to the most high

Remember you know a traveller
The name is Kweku the hustler
He’s been far away chasing gwalala
I will be back again bro me ka me nan
I swear on my life
I can’t wait to be back
I know you miss me I know
Remember you know a traveller
The name is Kweku the hustler
He’s been far away chasing gwalala
I will be back again bro me ka me nan
I swear on my life
I can’t wait to be back
I know you miss me I know

Watch video below

Top 5 Expert Digital Marketing Agencies In Ghana-SEO| PPC

The best digital marketing Agencies in ghana

With the introduction of local SEO – credit to Google – digital marketing has become an essential role in all organizations. Search Engine Ranking Pages are increasingly being competed for by digital marketing agencies (SERPs). They are interested in organic reach, which is the digital world’s money. [Top 5 Digital Marketing agencies in Ghana]

This has prepared the way for digital agencies to take the place of digital marketers in small and medium-sized enterprises, which have more resources to accomplish the job.

Beginning a digital business requires patience, effort, and a solid digital marketing strategy. Only when you fall short in any area, you might very well fail. Hiring the best digital marketing agency is the first step in building a digital marketing plan.

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re looking for the one of the best digital marketing agency in Ghana. In this post, we will present a brief overview of the best and greatest digital marketing agencies. If you want to improve your social media performance or get more traffic from search engines, you’ll find the right agency for your needs right here. read below:

List Of Powerful Digital Marketing Companies in Ghana-Agencies

1. Entamoty Media Limited

Ghana’s leading Digital Marketing Agency
Entamoty Media Limited, founded by Samuel Barima, is a digital marketing and content creation agency situated in Awoshie, Accra. We operate as a full-service provider of digital marketing services, digital content development, public relations services, online publications, and a youth empowerment project. Whether you need a digital marketing strategy, an impartial audit, or services for a short-term campaign, our knowledge and approach will be a great asset.

Services-Entamoty Media Limited

  • Google analytics
  • Google webmaster’s tools
  • Basic google search
  • Google AdWords
  • Social media monitoring tools
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Sentiment analysis tools

Connect with them

Our head office address: Entamoty Media Ltd PMB KA 200 KIA ACCRA GHANA WEST AFRICA

Call Us:+233 570570892/+233 553092732
Mail us:amoaningsamuel666@gmail.com

2. Focus Agency Ghana

Ghana’s Most Promising Digital Marketing Agency

Focus Agency Ghana is a local digital advertising agency operated in Ghana by a group of digital entrepreneurs and search engine marketing experts (SEM).

Our expertise and capabilities obtained from Certified organizations and firms are unrivaled. At Focus Agency Ghana, we provide high-quality digital services to thriving businesses in Ghana, Africa, and around the world in order to rank, generate leads, attract niche-based clients, and build brand trust.

Services -Focus Agency Ghana

Connect with them

website: https://focusagencyghana.com/

Click to contact: Click or Call 0541603161/ LinkedIn / Twitter / Facebook

3. Seo Ghana

SEOGHANA is a Ghana-based local SEO company run by a team of digital marketers and SEO professionals who have grown their expertise via knowledge and skills gained from worldwide institutions and firms. At SEOGhana, we offer the best digital marketing services to thriving businesses in Ghana, Africa, and around the world in order to improve search rankings, attract niche-based clients, and develop brand trust.

Services -SEOGhana

  • Website and App design
  • Digital Consultancy
  • PPC
  • SEO

Connect with them

Call / WhatsApp: +233 (0)506643847

Email: info@seoghana.comSEO DIGITAL GHANA LTD.Building No. 49North-Legon,Accra, Ghana

4. Command-Space

Command Space is an analytical firm that focuses on business development and results-driven initiatives. They claim to have team members having over 15 years of expertise in digital marketing, handling campaigns in Ghana, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Ireland.

They have vast experience in Graphic Design, Goal-Driven Web Development, Cyber Security, Organic Search, Paid Search, Content Creation, Animation, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Multimedia, and Multi-Channel Analytics.

Connect with them

Website: https://command-space.com/

5. CliQAfrica Ltd.

CliQAfrica is a digital service provider based in Ghana. The company was founded in 2013 by a group of AdWords professionals after they emerged as a finalist in the Global Google Online Marketing Challenge.

They use their knowledge and expertise to understand the complexities of any business and combine their creative and technical expertise to produce solutions to give brands a better experience in the digital world.

Connect with them

Website: www.cliqafrica.com

To sum up ,Digital Marketing is dynamic you need to really look at quality service and affordability.We recommend Focus Agency Ghana because they help you get remarkable outcomes by getting to know your business, your audiences, and what actually matters to both of you.

They’re more than just a marketing firm; goal is to help you succeed And completely enamored with your company’s success.

Focus Agency Ghana is also not to be left out when it comes to social media management, CPC, Facebook ad’s and Google My Business Management (GMB)


We now disclose to you some very top professionals in the Digital Marketing Scoop with their specializations; Below

Top 10 Best Marketing Professionals & They’re Specializations In Ghana

  1. Edward Asare -Digital Marketing Influencer >LinkedIn Profile
  2. Chris Dreg – Search Engine Optimization > LinkedIn Profile
  3. Felicia Amu -Search Engine Optimization > LinkedIn profile
  4. Edward Worlanyo Bankas -Search Engine Optimization >LinkedIn profile
  5. Evans Twumasi Ampofo-Digital Marketing Consultant -SEO> LinkedIn profile
  6. Gideon Lamptey- Digital Marketing Transformation>LinkedIn profile
  7. Edmund Ofori- Web developer >LinkedIn profile
  8. Kekeli Buckner- Business Development Associate >LinkedIn profile
  9. Ernest Amoako-Website Designer >LinkedIn profile
  10. Abdul Rashid Sani-SEO content writer >LinkedIn profile

We believe that the above-mentioned list will assist you in locating the top digital marketing firm / Personality in Ghana and are capable of providing you with the best digital marketing services for your business.

If you think we have missed out on any of the digital marketing agencies in our list, simply comment below with your agency and we will add it to the list.

DML Fireboy Adedamola- Peru MP3 download


The Nigerian singer and songwriter DML Fireboy Adedamola who signed to Olamide’s YBNL Record label, was born on February 5, 1996.His latest song Peru- Mp3 download is trending fast, download Peru MP3 song now and listen to his amazing voice.

Laughter, Tears & Goosebumps, the singer’s debut studio album, were released in 2019 and garnered a lot of positive feedback.

For his hit song “Jealous,” he was nominated for Song of the Year at the 2020 Soundcity MVP Awards Festival.

The young musician has been announcing his new sound on his Instagram account for a few days now, and it has finally arrived at our doorstep. The song “Peru,” which has Afrobeat and snappy vocals brilliantly delivered by Fireboy, is another classic.

The singer grew up in Abeokuta, Ogun state, and was a member of his local church choir, according to Wikipedia.

Finally, the singer releases his first official song following the release of his Apollo album.

Listen in and let us know what you think in the comments section below:

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This Christmas Season in Ghana, Here Are The Top 10 Gift Ideas For Your Loved Ones


Buying Xmas gifts for a family—whether it’s your own or someone else’s can be tricky. Everyone has different interests, especially when kids of various ages are involved. In that case, gifts that celebrate family bonds (like Sports) or that help you spend time together (like Hiking,playing; Basketball,Table tennis and playing on a Trampoline) are the best way to go, because everyone can appreciate the moment  and have fun together.

Whether they prefer a movie night with popcorn or a trip around the world with their loved ones, these family presents are sure to please everyone from Grandparents to Kids. What’s the secret to determining which one is right for your intended recipient? Consider their health: do they go jogging with their kids in the morning? One option is to use some Decathlon Christmas gifts to transform the family hiking tent into a gorgeous personalized one. These heartfelt gifts capture the spirit of the season and will be remembered for years to come.


Sports can help you regulate polygenic disease, Lose weight, Improve blood circulation, and Reduce stress. Sports provide an excellent combination of physical and mental development, which helps tone muscles and strengthen bones.

Thinking hampers ?  Well the world has changed and the sensational ways to leave memory   marks on people have evolved as well. 

Nevertheless, putting together a super Christmas gift to impress someone has never been an easier task. This is why we have put together top 10 gifts that can leave a lasting impression on your dear ones.

  1. Super Gift Ideas for hikers:

Hiking in Ghana can be significantly colder in winter months. Show the hikers in your life how much you care, with some winter warmers to keep them cosy on their hikes in the colder months with their family .

  1. Gift ideas for Table Tennis lovers:

Foldable Tennis Table

For table tennis enthusiasts, a portable tennis table makes a great Christmas gift. It may be taken along for weekend breaks, vacations, and even league parties because it is portable. It’s ideal for employment during family gatherings to participate in healthy competition while having fun. It’s also simple to store.This considerate present is appropriate for table tennis folks of all ages and may also be used for at-home tournaments.Look for a table that can be folded quickly by one person and has adjustable feet to compensate for uneven surfaces.Fans of table tennis will be ecstatic to get this as a Christmas present.

For Table tennis Lovers

  1. Gift ideas for Trampoline lovers:

Octagonal Trampoline

Jumping on a trampoline works out the entire body, and the g-force produced by bouncing helps to fast developing muscle and burn fat. Legs, thighs, arms, hips, and stomach muscles are all worked out on a trampoline. It also helps you to improve your agility and balance.That’s why our designers created this 3-metre trampoline so your child can safely learn basic jumps.

  1. Gift ideas for Badminton lovers:

Easy Set Badminton

Sweat with a happy heart this festive season and  build up a healthy you. Badminton is a fun, active sport which is an easy game to practice with few painless rules. It boosts up your muscles, adds strength to the muscles, improves blood flow rate and the benefits are endless. Apart from physical benefits there are mental advantages of playing badminton too.To dive into the benefits of badminton is a vast ocean to explore.Experts say Continued movements and hits in badminton strengthens your heart muscles. It also improves the blood flow through our veins and pumps the heart up. It decreases the cholesterol level and reduces the risk of heart attacks or strokes.This also unclogs the blocked walls of the heart and increases the blood flow.


  1. Gift ideas for Waveboard lovers:

Beginner waveboard

This beautiful Xmas gift overboard only has 2 wheels instead of 4 and a board that can bend mud-riding. The flexibility of a waveboard appeal to those who want to relax and ride down a flat street or those who want to engage in high-stakes obstacle courses.


  1. Gift ideas for Bike lovers:

Mountain Bike

Our Experts suggest Cycling this Christmas to help you protect yourself from serious diseases such as polygenic , heart attack, some cancers, depression,obesity and arthritis. Riding a bike is healthy, fun and a low-impact form of exercise for all ages. Cycling is easy to fit into your daily routine by riding to the shops, park, school or work.The vigorous demands of mountain biking stimulate your body to release natural endorphins, which are the body’s way of feeling good and getting more energy. Exercise also boosts serotonin, an important neurotransmitter in the brain which helps to prevent depression and anxiety.

For bike lovers

  1. Gift ideas for Football lovers:

Small Football Goal

Are you looking to buy a resilient football goal, for a mini footballer in your life? We have made the SG 500 goal range out of steel. The Small Size goal starts from just Ghs290 making it an affordable yet excellent gift idea, if you’re looking to go a little bit over budget, they also come in a Medium and Large size Goal.

  1. Gift ideas for Basketball Enthusiasts :

Portable Basketball Hoop 

This B900 basketball hoop is designed for both children and adults playing basketball outdoors, making it a gift that will bring fun for all the family, or maybe even for your office lunch breaks! This hoop can be taken anywhere and is easy to set up!. It is lightweight and easy to transport so it can be taken anywhere from the garden to the park or as far as you can stretch your imagination. 

  1. Gift Ideas for fitness Enthusiasts:

Decathlon Ghana has lots of options for the gym and fitness enthusiasts in your life, both online and in store. We have glute bands starting at Ghs51, Yoga Mats starting at Ghs95, and a variety of other items that would make a great addition to a home gym. If you know someone who started doing home workouts during lockdowns and has kept them up since then, some of these items would make great gifts!


  1. Gift ideas for golfers

If you have a golf-loving friend or family member, you may be wondering what to get them for Christmas. Look no further; we’ve come up with two excellent recommendations that you can’t go wrong with. We also offer a diverse range of clubs, apparel, and accessories.

Golf approach practice net 

The “Golf at Home” product line was created with the goal of allowing you to enjoy all of the thrills of golfing from the comfort of your own home. Our products allow you to get the same enjoyment out of playing golf in the comfort of your own home, whether you’re learning, playing, or practicing skills. To make set-up and take-down quick and easy, we designed our practice net with a fibreglass frame bound by elastic bands. This allows for easy assembly and storage while conserving space.

Golf Balls

You can’t go wrong with golf balls as a Christmas gift for a golfer; if they’re a novice, they’ll need them, and if they’re an accomplished player, they’ll appreciate a nice quality ball. Decathlon has a variety of golf balls to meet various handicaps.

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Top 10 Performing Cryptocurrencies In 2021/2022-Next big cryptos


There are thousands of different cryptocurrencies, ranging from Bitcoin and Ethereum to Dogecoin and Tether, making it difficult to get started in the world of crypto. These are the top 10 performing cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, or the total worth of all coins currently in circulation and popularity, to help you gain your bearings.

1. Bitcoin (BTC)

  • With Market cap: Over $955 billion

Bitcoin (BTC) is the first cryptocurrency, having been created in 2009 under the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. BTC, like most cryptocurrencies, is based on a blockchain, which is a distributed ledger that logs transactions across a network of thousands of computers. Bitcoin is maintained secure and safe from fraudsters because updates to the distributed ledgers must be confirmed by solving a cryptographic problem, a process known as proof of work.

Bitcoin’s price has skyrocketed as it’s become a household name. Five years ago, you could buy Bitcoin for about $600. As of Oct. , 2021, a single Bitcoin’s price was over $65,000. That’s a growth more than 13,400%.

2. Ethereum (ETH)

  • Market cap: Over $509 billion

Both a cryptocurrency and a blockchain platform, Ethereum is a favorite of program developers because of its potential applications, like so-called smart contracts that automatically execute when conditions are met and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Ethereum has also experienced tremendous growth. In just over five years, its price went from about $11 to over $4,700, increasing over 42,000%.

3. Binance Coin (BNB)

  • Market cap: Over $96.44 billion

The Binance Coin is a form of cryptocurrency that you can use to trade and pay fees on Binance, one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world.

Since its launch in 2017, Binance Coin has expanded past merely facilitating trades on Binance’s exchange platform. Now, it can be used for trading, payment processing or even booking travel arrangements. It can also be traded or exchanged for other forms of cryptocurrency, such as Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Its price in 2017 was just $0.10; by Nov. 30, 2021, it had risen to over $658 and dropped to $578.19, a gain of approximately 627,000%.

4. Tether (USDT)

  • Market cap: Over $76 billion

Tether is a stablecoin, which means it is backed by fiat currencies such as the US dollar and the Euro and has a value that is theoretically equal to one of those denominations. Tether’s value is intended to be more consistent than other cryptocurrencies, which is why it’s appreciated by investors who are frightened of other coins’ excessive volatility.

5. Solana (SOL)

  • Market cap: Over $64 billion

Developed to help power decentralized finance (DeFi) uses, decentralized apps (DApps) and smart contracts, Solana runs on a unique hybrid proof-of-stake and proof-of-history mechanisms that help it process transactions quickly and securely. SOL, Solana’s native token, powers the platform.

When it launched in 2020, SOL’s price started at $0.77. By Nov. 30, 2021, its price, rose up to $260, a gain of more than 26,500%.

6. Cardano (ADA)

  • Market cap: Over $52 billion

Cardano is famous for being one of the first crypto projects that use proof-of-stake validation. By removing the competitive, problem-solving part of transaction verification found in platforms like Bitcoin, this solution reduces transaction time, energy consumption, and environmental effect. Cardano functions similarly to Ethereum in that it uses ADA, its native coin, to enable smart contracts and decentralized apps.

In comparison to other prominent crypto coins, Cardano’s ADA token has grown slowly. The price of ADA in 2017 was just $0.02. Its current price is $1.37 as of December 08, 2021. This is about 7,850 percent rise.

8. U.S. Dollar Coin (USDC)

  • Market cap: Over $38 billion

USD Coin (USDC), like Tether, is a stablecoin, which means it’s backed by US dollars and aspires for a 1 USD to 1 USDC ratio. USDC is based on Ethereum, and it may be used to make international transactions.

7. XRP (XRP)

  • Market cap: Over $38 billion

Created by some of the same founders as Ripple, a digital technology and payment processing company, XRP can be used on that network to facilitate exchanges of different currency types, including fiat currencies and other major cryptocurrencies.

At the beginning of 2017, the price of XRP was $0.006. As of Nov. 30, 2021, its price reached $1.00, equal to a rise of 16,666%.

9. Polkadot (DOT)

  • Market cap: Over $30 billion

Polkadot (and its namesake crypto) intends to unify them by building a cryptocurrency network that connects the multiple blockchains so they may work together. Since Polkadot’s inception in 2020, this integration has sparked significant growth and may transform how cryptocurrencies are maintained. Its price increased more 3,200 percent from $2.93 to $50 between April 2021 and July 30th, 2021.

10. Terra (LUNA)-The top 10 performing cryptocurrencies 2021 & 2022

  • Market cap: Over $26.12 billion

Terra is a decentralized financial payment network that uses the blockchain to recreate the traditional payment stack. To promote programmable payments and the creation of open financial infrastructure, it uses a basket of fiat-pegged stablecoins that are algorithmically stabilized by its reserve currency Luna. The network has transacted an estimated $299 billion for over 2 million members as of December 2020. On January 06, 2021 the price of Luna was at $0.716676, the current price of Luna is at $70 that’s obviously a great win for the early holders

Give your comments on what you think the future of these crytocurrency hold

You Must shut up! – Alban Bagbin disciplined NDC MPs in parliament


Alban Bagbin is the Speaker of Parliament play videoAlban Bagbin is the Speaker of Parliament

Parliament historically rejected 2022 budget

Majority MPs walked out

Alban Bagbib postponed sitting for 30 minutes

It would have been imagined that having come from the stock of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), and through which he was privileged to have been elected Speaker of Parliament, Alban Bagbin would have been a little more tolerating of the members on the Minority side.

That, however, seemed not to have been the case on Friday, November 26, 2021, minutes before parliament historically rejected the 2022 Budget Statement and Economic Policy, also condemned, the Agyenkwa Budget.

While presiding over proceedings on the day after having called for a 30 minute recess so as to allow for MPs on the Majority side to be present in the House before the vote was passed on the budget, sitting rather resumed a much later.

When the House resumed sitting, the Speaker made an attempt to address the MPs on why the 30 minutes had dragged so much,but some members on the Minority side thought that it was the right timing to interrupt Alban Bagbin.

He would however have none of that and that when he interjected his own address to discipline whoever it was that had interrupted his explanation.

“Honorable Members, please, I did suspend sitting for 30 minutes and… [turning to the Minority side of the House, he continued], please, will you shut up?! We cannot allow indiscipline inside the House. I am not prepared to tolerate it. I don’t benefit anything by being Speaker. I’m Speaker to serve my nation, not because I’m going to get anything better than I was getting. I will not tolerate that,” he said.

The House then went on to reject the budget, but not before MPs on the Majority side staged a walkout of the very motion they had put before parliament.

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