‘Brainless’ Slay Queen Uses Her ‘Toto’ As Butter To Enjoy Her Bread (Video)

Slay Queen Uses Her ‘Toto’ As Butter To Enjoy Her Bread

A video captures a young lady who did the unthinkable as she enjoyed her bread.

In the video sighted by infoghmedia.com , the lady who was half-‘nekked’ used her ‘tonga’ as butter as she enjoyed her bread.

She could be seen in the video ‘rubbing’ the bread on her ‘toto’ as she claimed that her tonga is the sweetest butter one could enjoy.

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The reason behind the lady recording herself to exhibit such disgusting ‘picture’ has incurred the wrath of Ghanaians as the majority of netizens blasted her for exhibiting such ‘stupidity’ on social media.

Others also laughed over it with the ‘h0rny’ men heaping praises on her.

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Watch the video below:

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