Breaking News: Nigel Gaisie Exposed For Editing Old Facebook Post To Suggest He Prophesied JJ Rawlings’ Death (Screenshots)

Nigel Gaisie Exposed For Editing Old Facebook Post To Suggest He Prophesied JJ Rawlings’ Death (Screenshots)

A high profiled individual is dead in Ghana and as usual pastors and prophets in Ghana are battling each other to claim the glory as to who prophesied it first.

One of the renowned prophets in Ghana, Prophet Nigel Gaisie has got Ghanaians talking after he made a swift move to suggest he saw the death of the former president of Ghana, Jerry John Rawlings who died today, 12th November 2020 which has got Ghanaians talking.

Before the news of the death of the former president, Prophet Nigel Gaisie had already made a prophetic post on his Facebook page revealing the things he claims God had shown him about the USA elected president, Joe Biden.

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See Original Post Below:

Initial Facebook post

Two to three hours after he made the post, the news went viral that Jerry Rawlings had died. Prophet Nigel Gaisie quickly went to his post and edited his post and added a prophecy suggesting he saw the death of Rawlings before it happened.

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The post sought to give the impression that God when showing him the supposed prophecy about Joe Biden this afternoon also showed him the death of Rawlings a few hours before it happened.

See Edited Post Below:

Edited Facebook Post

Unknown to the learned controversial prophet, it is so easy to check the edited post of an individual on Facebook and know what exactly was added or removed after a post was published.

After realizing he has been busted, Nigel Gaisie again edited and added that whoever questions his supposed edited prophecy will be cursed…Chaley is not easy oo lol.

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Former President Jerry John Rawlings died at the age of 73 today, Thursday 12th November 2020. He died after a short illness. It’s unclear exactly what caused his death but it has been rumored COVID-19 took his life.

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