Bullet and Wendy Shay are not in any sexual relationship – MzBel defends


Contrary to popular opinion that Bullet and Wendy Shay have some amorous relationship going on, Mzbel has come out to claim that she doesn’t think that is true.

‘Uber Driver’ hitmaker Wendy Shay has been berated by Ghanaians over claims that she and her manager, Bullet, CEO of RuffTown Records have been having an affair.

It would be recalled that Wendy Shay even walked out of an interview with Nana Romeo when he insisted against the artiste’s will, that he knew that she was sleeping with her manager.

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It is on this background that Mzbel has come out to defend Wendy Shay claiming that she doesn’t believe there is any romantic relationship going on between the two of them.

Rather, she explained it is the controversies they create when they are about to release a song that has stuck in the minds of Ghanaians.

“What I feel is that Wendy Shay and Bullet are not in any sexual relationship, but you see, any time Bullet wants to promote any Wendy Shay song, he comes up with all these drama and controversial stunts that suggest that he has been caught sleeping with her, so that has stuck in peoples heads, otherwise I don’t think there is anything like that between them”, she told McBrown, host of the show.

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According to Mzbel, Bullet has many women he is seeing, and aside that he is too serious a businessman to be sleeping with his own artiste.

“I know Bullet is involved with other women whom he has kids, and I know him to be a very serious businessman who will not take his own artiste and sleep with her, but all the controversies they have created has caused people to think that there is something there. I don’t think there is any sexual relationship between Bullet and Wendy Shay “, she concluded.

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Watch Mzbel make her submission below:

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