Burn me and sprinkle my ashes in Achimota forest. J.J Rawlings


The mortal remains of the Ex. President, (J.J)Jerry John Rawlings is likely to the cremated as it appears to be one of his last wishes.

Report says he requested that he wants to be cremated for a very interesting reason.

Mr Rawlings said he wants to cremated and his ashes scattered in the Achimota Forest, where his alma matter, Achimota School is located.

Back in April 2016, the founder of the NDC in an interview with editorial board of Achimota School’s magazine said he wanted his remains back in the Achimota Forest to enable plants to grow.


“Since I love the Achimota forest, I am looking forward to being cremated and my ashes brought to the forest and used to plant a few trees,” he said when asked what he missed most about the school.

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