Cardi B wants to feature me – Akuapem Poloo


Entertainment of Saturday, 9 October 2021


American rapper, Cardi B American rapper, Cardi B

Ghanaian actress and self-acclaimed musician, Akuapem Poloo has disclosed that American rapper Cardi B is eager to feature her on a song.

Speaking in an interview, she mentioned that Cardi B is eager to feature her on a record and has been urging her to put out good songs and build her music career.

“Cardi wants to feature me and encourages me to keep producing music so I can build my potential.”

She further mentioned that the American rapper after her visit to Ghana has been supportive to her and her family.

“Cardi supported me, she gave me $30,000.00 which I used during my court case and advised me all the time.”

She appreciated the support and efforts of Cardi B and Ghanaians who have supported her so far.

Akuapem Poloo and American rapper Cardi B met in 2019 when Cardi came to Ghana to perform at a concert and have since been in touch with each other.

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