Check Out The Surprising Photo Of A Dog Kissing A Snake

Snake kissing dog
Snake kissing dog

We live in a very wonderful world where creatures like animals doing wonderful things. Social media has been set ablaze after a photo popped out with a snake and dog with their lips locked on.

Nature is indeed a beautiful thing and the world is a beautiful place to be. The dog is seen licking the mouth and face of the snake which is seen to be very dangerous. The snake is brown striped in colour while the dog is brown-yellow in colour.

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In Biology, it is known that snakes are carnivores and therefore eat other animals as their diet. The state of the two animals in the photo shows no tendency for one to harm the other.

Most dogs are known to be omnivores while others are only carnivores. The playing they are going through is very nice and interesting.

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Humans n the other hand are very afraid of dogs and snakes. They tend to run away from them any time they make contact.