Checkout The Lovely Jerseys Of The European Nations

European Nations Jerseys
European Nations Jerseys

Football is gradually taking its shape after the deadly Coronavirus puts the game to a standstill. The UEFA Nations League is ongoing and the greatness in the outfits of the various team is classy.

Several European nations have released a new jersey for the tournament and for the rest of the upcoming games. The blend of colors by some national teams is very great. Much work was done by the various designers of the jerseys,

Take a look at the best jerseys in Europe currently:

1. England

The England national team have a very decent kit for the UEFA Nations League. Their traditional white has been side-stripped with blue and red colours by nike.

The home jersey is a look-alike of their 1998 World Cup kit in France. The away jersey is a blue and red side-striped one with full of glamour. England began their Nations League with a 1-0 win against Iceland.

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2. Netherland

Netherlands place second on my 2020 list of best jerseys in EupreThe jerseys of the Dutch national team looks very class with their traditional orange and blue-black color. This jersey is also from Nike.

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There is alternation in the jersey color as the orange and blue-black have been interchanged to form the other jersey. The Netherlands faced Poland in a game that ended 1-0 in favor of the Dutch.

3. Germany

Germany showed class in their latest Adidas produced outfit. The jersey featured all-round white black horizontal stripes with a black, yellow, and red patch at the hand side.

The away kit is black with red and yellow hand stitches. Germany drew 1-1 in their first UEFA Nations League against Spain.

4. Belgium

Belgium are the team currently placed first on the football world ranking. Their UEFA Nations League jersey is one of a great jersey with beautiful concepts.

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Belgium won their first 2020 Nations League feature against Denmark in a two goal encounter.

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5. Portugal

The Portuguese national team are the defending champions of the UEFA Nations League. They clinched the title in a 1-0 win against Netherland in 2019.

The outfits of the Portuguese football team has been catered for by nike. Their local red colour is matched with green side-strips in the home jersey. The away jersey is a light green jersey with horizontal strips of red, black and green.

6. France

France is the current champions when world cup is concern. The Les Bleus have been very impactful in grooming young talents to compete for glories.

The usual blue colour of France has been modified with red centre horizontal strip with other blue horizontal stripes. France’s white jersey has deena blue and red sided strips vertically placed on the jersey. They beat Sweden 1-0 in their first tournament encounter.

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7. Norway

Norway, although is not regarded as a very highly ranked football nation, they are gradually making an impact. Their jerseys have been featured in the best new kits for the Nations League.

They have their original red color with some side patches of white and black in their home jersey. The beauty of their away jersey makes it ranked as one of the best. Norway lost 2-1 to Austria in their first encounter of the Nations League.

Which of the jerseys is the best in your thoughts. Comment your thoughts.