Counselor Lutterodt is back;says petition to ban him is embedded with demonic attack (WATCH)


Counselor Lutterodt has reacted the ongoing petition to get him banned from appearing on media platforms in Ghana. “We can even have 30 million

people signing the petition, it tells that there’s a demonic attack in our mentality,” he said on Okay FM.

The controversial Ghanaian counsellor, who sparked outrage on social media a few days ago when he said ‘every rape victims enjoy the act’, in his defence continued that

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“ I am not a living being like one of you, not inform of insult nut what I a saying here is that I am not an ordinary being”

MR. Lutterodt

Counsellor referred people to watch the full video in which he

made the statement and per checks, it shows that he vehemently

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spoke against rape as well but whilst speaking on the show about why a woman

keeps going back to a man who raped her, he said it’s because the rape came with sexual satisfaction for her.

Counselor Lutterodt image
Counselor Lutterodt

Talking about who he is, Mr George Lutterodt to Halifax Ansah-Addo, the host, that he “I am a son of a ghost, that is why the three

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things that motivate me, the dead body, the morgue and the cemetery

so I don’t joke with them but I don’t also permit people to tarnish

something that we call reputation so what I have said id the truth, the video is there”.