Covid-19:Erectile dysfunction aftermath is real-GMA A/R chairman reveals

Erectile dysfunction aftermath is real
Covid 19 Vaccine

Dr. Paa Kwasi Baidoo, Ashanti Regional Chairman of the Ghana Medical Association, has backed findings of erectile dysfunction associated with recovered coronavirus patients.

GhanaWeb monitored Starr FM’s morning show program on which the medic spoke variously on issues around the second most impacted region’s coronavirus response.

“I have personally had about 10 people who have told me after they contracted the virus, they’re suffering from erectile dysfunction.

“We’ve had reported cases of males reporting that after they got the virus, they’re having erectile dysfunction or their libido is so down,” he stressed.

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The subject of erectile dysfunction occurring in recovered coronavirus patients has been confirmed by different medics recently including Dr. Bernard Toboh, a consulting urologist at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital.

He told the Ghana News Agency in an interview, that the issue of erectile dysfunction among some men was veritable, as a post-traumatic disorder, and had been recorded in jurisdictions or areas with high infections, but only anecdotal evidence existed in Ghana.

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Dr Toboh explained that coronavirus could affect a person’s heart, blood vessels, and nerves as well as testosterone and sperm production, which could negatively affect one’s sexual performances in the bedroom.

He noted that the increasing body of knowledge had shown that the infectious disease was multi-systemic and could bring lots of side effects upon infected persons and persons who recover.

“The brain has to trigger a desire and so the heart, nerves, and blood vessels must all work in consent for an erection to occur. And so, the coronavirus is known to cause depression and suppressed the production of testosterone and sperms,” Dr Toboh observed.

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However, he explained that erectile dysfunction could also be an existing health condition in a person that could be predated about four or five years ago even before the emergence of the pandemic.