Crime rate going down – National Security Minister claims


Albert Kan Dapaah, National Security Minister, has stated that the crime rate in Ghana is gradually reducing. He has blamed political parties for the increased sense of insecurity in the country.

Ghana has faced several numbers of armed robbery attacks and murder cases in this election year. These incidents have led to the suspicions of many with regards to the insecurity as we head towards the elections.

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Some security specialists and other Ghanaians have expressed their worries on the security issues. Others have questioned the security preparedness of the country for the upcoming general elections.

In line with the worrying consents, National Security Minister, Kan Dapaah, addresses the issue in parliament. Mr. Dapaah accused political parties of deliberately causing a false sense of insecurity, creating fear and panic for political gains.

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Furthermore, he revealed that crime rates have reduced and they are ready to further reduce it. Additionally, Albert Kan Dapaah has warned troublemakers of the readiness of the security agencies to punish them.

Mr. Dapaah stated, “there seems to be a deliberate attempt by some individuals to create a false notion of increasing insecurity in the country. The facts counter this false notion, as evidence suggests a reduction in crime rates in the country.”

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“These false notions of insecurity stems from the deliberate politicization of issues of national security in the country. I think it has become more pronounced as we head into the election. An assessment of recent developments reveals that the false notion of insecurity is fueled by some politicians.”

Contrastingly, Minority Leader rubbished allegations of the minister.

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