Dogs go to party, pose for pictures after the ceremony

dogs go to party
dogs go to party

Some groups of dogs have massively stormed social media with their pose during a birthday party. The birthday party was celebrated for one of the dogs and people can’t stop reacting to their posing photo.

The owner of one of the dogs revealed that he allowed his dog by name Esther to join the celebration. A black woman identified as Jose Scott posted the photos of the dogs in the birthday ceremony and it was awesome.

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Perhaps the photos proved to the statements that animals sometimes act like human beings. The photo showed the group of dogs as they all stood together around a covered table at the birthday party.

The surprising moments are how all the dogs calmed down and pose for the photograph.

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It is known that the birthday was celebrated by one dog identified as Rosemary. The owner of the birthday dog, Lending Paws Pet Care, also later reacted to the hilarious comments made by social media users.