Don’t leave your mother’s house to go and stay with your boyfriend who stays in his parent’s house; Cardi B advises women


American rapper Cardi B has issued a piece of advice to all women with regard to moving in to stay with their boyfriends.

American rapper, Cardi B, has advised young ladies not to be in such a hurry to move out of their parents’ home to live with a man who is still living with his own mother or in her apartment.

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The highly respected and award-winning rapper made the post on Twitter.

In her words:

“Young ladies, please don’t be thirsty to move out your mommas house to move in wit a nikka that live with his momma! Been there done that. The mommas be all nice at first then a couple of months later they start looking at you like this when you open their fridge”

To some extent, many people are endorsing her the rapper.

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