Don’t twist hand of God in prayers – Methodist Bishop to Christians


Right Reverend Professor Joseph M. Y. Edusa-Eyison, the Northern Accra Diocesan Bishop, the Methodist Church Ghana, has cautioned Christians against twisting the hand of God during prayers for favour.

He said the new normal among many Christians and churches was that if Christians wanted to be heard and favoured by God, then they had to scream and command help from God while praying.

This, was to show how serious they were with their request and how much they commanded power to trample over the enemy.

He said this in an interview with the Ghana News Agency after inaugurating the Dome Circuit of the Church on Saturday in Accra.

Bishop Edusa-Eyison said all these were unnecessary and against the teachings of the Holy Bible which beseeched Christians to approach God in all humility.

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“God is sovereign, God is Supreme, God is our Creator. The Bible enjoins us to approach God in humility with all respect. Some prayer patterns and others to some of us do not show these qualities. If you are imploring your father to do something for you, you plead, you don’t command and you do that in humility.

“At times people shout too much, excessive but that is not how we relate to our parents. If I want a shoe from my parent, I will plead with him, Daddy or Mummy, please can I have this? But why do we go to God and start commanding him?” He said.

He said it was unfortunate how people wrongfully and absolutely out of context, quoted certain Bible verses to back their misdemeanors in the presence of God.

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Bishop Edusa-Eyison also encouraged Christians to seek unity among all people, reconciliation among the factions, pray for peace and healing for the world, seek the welfare of the poor and destitute, take the aide of the disadvantaged and marginalised and share in the Christ-life that calls them beyond themselves.

The Most Reverend Dr. Paul Kwabena Boafo, the President Bishop, Methodist Church Ghana, speaking on the Church’s Connexional theme for the year 2021, “Discipleship: Teaching Everyone to Live Like Jesus Christ” in a goodwill message, said there was too much faking and nominalism in Christianity today.

“The world is full of evil; society is corrupt; the State is something else. There are many giant wrongs crying for the Redeemer Reformer. The Gospel shows that in the person of Jesus Christ, we have the most powerful, permanent remedy for social, political and temperance betterment,” he noted.

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He encouraged the Circuit to provide all manner of support to members during economic and social instability moments.

The Right Reverend Samuel Kofi Osabutey, the Diocesan Bishop of Accra, the Methodist Church Ghana, in a goodwill message reminded the Circuit of the trust and confidence reposed in them by the Methodist Conference to contribute more meaningfully to the life of the whole Church.

He prayed that the Circuit exhibited Christian virtues, devoted to meeting all commitments of Christ, through disciplining and teaching others to become like Christ, to be a bright light in the vicinity.