Ebola discovered in some West African countries


Ghana Health Service warns Ghanaians about the new Ebola outbreak in some countries of West Africa, which is a threat to Ghanaians and has cautioned health facilities to initiate a response to the virus.

There was an outbreak of an infectious disease called “Ebola” in 2015 which caused a lot of lives lost in Africa. Due to prevention and treatment, the disease was able to curb.

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According to reports from the Ghana Health Service on 17th February 2021, there is a new outbreak of the Ebola disease taking lives in Guinea, a country in West Africa in which Ghana is included.

As a result, they are urging all Ghanaians to stay safe and adhere to the covid-19 protocols which are almost similar to that of the Ebola, as a preventive measure.

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Also, if anyone notices any of these symptoms, should seek Medical treatment immediately:

– Nosal pain.

– Bleeding through the nose, mouth, and ears.

– Severe headache.

– Diarrhoea.

– Tiredness etc.

However, this news is not intended to impart fear to anybody. Just as we were able to keep ourselves safe from the coronavirus, we can still overcome this one also by simply taking precautions.