#FixTheCountry: ”I Will Continue To Show My Skin And Speak On Problems In This Country”-Efia Odo


Ghanaian actress Efia Odo has descended heavily on all those who are asking her to dress well before talking about national issues.

Efia Odo happens to be the only celebrity who has joined the FixTheCountry campaign here the youth demands good governance and accountability from the government

Whiles Efia Odo talks about the reality on grounds and the problems in the country, others are also bashing her for alway showing indecency on social media.

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As the social media campaign Fix The Country is still ongoing, Efia Odo is set to continuely give out her support to the convenors of the campaign to help the future of the country.

The organisers are set to secure a protection in order to go on a peaceful demonstration in country even though High Court has placed an order on any public gathering until the ban on public gathering is lifted in the country .

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In a tweet, she said

I will continue to show my skin and speak on problems in this country. Me showing my skin is not the reason why roads are not Fixed or jobs aren’t created. It’s not the reason why children are not getting adequate education. Stop deviating from the real issues. #FixGhanaNow