Sperm quality is influenced by a number of factors ranging from genetics, general health, stature, mental health conditions, improper nutrition, stress, and hormones effects. Ensuring good nutrition is of vital importance, and some foods and nutrients are associated with greater fertility benefits than others.

Listed below are some basic definitions relating to Sperm health.

1. Sperm Count

It is the measure of the amount of sperm produced per measured amount of semen. A normal male should be able to able to produce about 38 million to 310 million sperm per milliliter of semen.

2. Sperm Motility

It refers to the measure of the swim ability and mobility of sperm. A normal human being should have about 40% of his sperm been motile.

3. Sperm Morphology

It refers to the form which includes the shape, state and size of sperm.



Taking in excess amounts of alcohol is very dangerous to the human body as it first weakens the immune system and it paves way for diseases to have effects on the body. Drinking too much alcohol content in drinks with the aim of boosting appetite can harm sperm quality. Research shows that it is not advisable to drink more than 450 milliliters of alcohol in a week. Alcohol easily enters the semen immediately after drinking and it can cause a change in the makeup of the sperm.

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It can also reshape and lower the tendency of sperm to move. Alcohol can cause a severe lowering of the testosterone levels in males which is not very positive. The best way s to abstain from alcoholism for the betterment of your sperm health.

Processed Meat

Scientists have researched and have made claims on the negative impacts of processed meats on the health of humans. A list of some processed meats includes dogs, pork, beef, and bacon. Eating processed meat decreases the sperm counts of the individual and affects the movement of the sperms.

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Processed Meat

Men who take in less processed meat have a high probability of producing quality sperms to aid in reproduction as compared to others who take in much-processed meat. It is advisable to include seafood such as oyster, lobster, and shrimps as alternates to processed meat as they are able to give a boost to sperm health.

Dairy Fat Products

The shape of the Sperm is changed from normal to abnormal when high amounts of dairy fat products are consumed. Fat Dairy products are known to be saturated and hence its abundance in the human system can affect hormonal processes and sex life of males. Research shows that the dairy product with the highest fat content is butter, it is advisable to avoid it and make use of unsaturated oil such as sunflower.

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Dairy products

Avoid too many dairy food products which may impair your hopes to become a potential father. Research proves there is about 22- 25% reduction in the sperm health quality of males who consume high amounts of dairy products.

What should be noted is that there are some food that also destroys the sperms when they are entering the woman’s reproductive system.


– Taking in a lot of fruits is very essential to reproductive health.

– Regular exercises is very key.

– Making enough time to sleep for the body to rest.

– Avoid smoking

– Make good use of garlic

– Avoiding too much of fried foods

– Taking in more water

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