Former Majority Leader attacked by armed robbers in Zebilla


It is reported that former Majority Leader, Cletus Apul Avoka, has been attacked by armed robbers in Zebilla. Mr. Avoka, a former MP for Zebilla East Constituency, who is seeking a come-back was attacked in addition to his campaign team as they return from duties.

The incident happened around 10:40 pm on Thursday October 29, 2020, at Abuskologa in Zebilla. Also, it was revealed that his campaign team were returning from a tour at Gore, Azuwera and Tetako polling stations.

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Cletus Avoka narrated that his campaign team was stopped by some gun men in police uniforms at a checkpoint. Additionally, he stated that their motorbikes, mobile phones and sums of money was taken away by the gun emn.He later found out that they were not policemen but rather armed robbers.

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Fortunately, the team comprising the former Majority Leader escaped unhurt. They immediately lodged a complaint at the Zebilla Police station for investigation.

Mr. Cletus Avoka has served as Minister for Interior and Minister for Lands and Forestry in the era of the NDC.

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In conclusion, Ghanaians should be very vigilant as the 2020 general election nears.