Ghana Must Go bags turned into high fashion style(+photos)

Ghana must go bags

A Nigerian photographer called Obinna Obioma is using creative ways to display an iconic West African plastic bag that reflects on migration.

The Ghana Must Go bag has come a long way, including a ban imposed in 2017 by KLM and Air France, who said it could unravel and so clog up baggage delivery systems.

The ban still remains despite protest at the time by Ghana authorities who described it as “not only insulting but smacking of racism and discrimination”, given that the bag was commonly used by African travellers.The bag is also associated in Nigeria with being used by corrupt politicians to carry cash, especially during elections.

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This has kept the reputation although many large transactions in the country are now carried out using technology, rather than cash.

But Ghana Must Go bags are still very popular across West Africa and now come in different sizes and colours, from a yellow tree-patterned one to an ugly but durable grey favoured by traders of second-hand shoes.

They are still cheap and have that seemingly magical ability to manufacture an extra inch of space even when they appear to be completely full.

Obioma however wonders if it is time to drop the Ghana Must Go moniker.

“I believe Ghana Must Go can be categorized as a derogatory slur which of course transcends Ghanaian nationals.

“This begs to ask the question, should the name be changed, or the bags discontinued?” he asked.

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