Ghanaian fetish priests and priestesses were jealous of my growth


Former fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa

• Nana Agradaa has revealed that fetish priests are powerful

• She has said that her fellow fetish priests and priestesses were jealous of her

• Nana Agradaa is now a born again Christian

Fetish priestess, Nana Agradaa, has explained that fetish priests and priestesses were envious of her growth when she was at her peak.

Speaking in an interview on StarrChat with Nana Aba Anamoah, the popular priestess has revealed that her colleagues were “jealous” of her works and achievement.

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According to her: “I haven’t met the devil before but I have done his work just as Christians haven’t seen Christ but believe in him.”

Now Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, she reveals that several persons came to her shrine for assistance and through her gods, their desires were fulfilled.

She added that her clients who flouted the instructions given them are the ones complaining that she defrauded them after they failed to see results despite sacrifices made to her gods.

“My colleagues (fetish priests) were jealous of me. When you get to a certain height, you’ll encounter enemies when God exalts you to a certain level and you start leading … you’ll attract enemies.”

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She added: “I am not the first fetish priestess, there are a number of us. I started this in 2010, it was handed over to me through inheritance. It was my father’s mother (grandmother) who was a fetish priestess… following her death, her daughter was next in line but she didn’t have a daughter and so I was made to take her place. That is how I became a fetish priestess.”

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The fetish priestess, now a born again Christian, has revealed that deities also have the power to cause things to happen.

“Indeed it is the work of the devil and there’s anointing just like when God anoints you to be very powerful when you’re called to do His work. That’s the same with being a fetish priest, the devil can anoint you to be very powerful,” Nana Agradaa said.

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