Ghanaian React As Captain Smart Loses Job For Criticising Government


In the wake of trying to hold the government accountable, Captain Smart lost his job as the morning host on Accra base Angel Fm.

This has made concerned citizens to react to the culture of silence been displayed by the ruling government on the media and anyone who tries to criticise the government to be able to hold them accountable.

Many people in a tweet have shown their concern over the issue and the current trend of silent culture in the country.

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It’s high time every Ghanaian come to conclusion that this government doesn’t really care about what you say or don’t. They solely interested in what their minds are geared towards weather is beneficial to the rest or not.

Angel fm and tv as a media house has just lost a listener and a viewer and I will entreat all to do same so he knows that the power of the people surpasses the so call order from above which led to the suspension of captain smart

Captain Smart too dem dey suspend am too much ebi hate because he’s speaking facts or it’s an Agenda??? Adom tv now Angel Fm suspend am

Angel FM management confirms that Captain Smart was suspended for criticising the Ghana government. In 2021, Ghanaian journalists are not allowed to do real journalism, as media owners with links to political parties seem to support “culture of silence”

When they came for Ahmed Suale, you didn’t talk. They came for Manasseh you didn’t talk. They came for Anas you didn’t talk. Captain Smart, you see they ve finally come for you? You can now have more time to carry cement to build the cathedral. Bye! #FixTheCountryGhana