Ghanaians who trolled John Dumelo for losing in the election are begging him on social media for Christmas gifts- [See photos]

john Dumelo

It is completely mind-boggling and unbelievable the quantum of replies and comments actor John Dumelo has received after asking Ghanaians to state what they want for Christmas.

The sheer number of people who have commented and virtually begged the politician to look in their way and bless them with one preferred item or the other gives meaning to the unpredictability of human character.

Was it not just a few days ago when John Dumelo was in the trends for apparently losing in the Ayawaso West parliamentary race and was been sliced and diced by netizens?

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What changed? Well, well, well, human beings do change. Don’t they?

As I write this piece of article, I have visited all the social media handles of John Dumelo where he has asked people to state what they want for Christmas and promised to randomly reward some lucky individuals.

On Twitter, John Dumelos post has received 12.1k reactions, 1.9k retweets and quote retweets and close to 7k comments…people begging him for one gift or the other.

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On Facebook, the numbers are staggering. The same post has 61k reactions, 18k comments and 200 shares…all these people are asking him for one thing or the other for Christmas.

On Instagram, the farmer cum actor is receiving over 34k reactions and uncountable comments that are dropping sporadically and desperately from people who hitherto saw and viewed him as a laughing stock who has failed in his preliminary political ambition.

After watching all these numbers and the innocent display of cosmetic love and consideration for John Dumelo by these people simply because they want to find favour before the king, I can only heave a long sigh, shake my head and say inaudibly to myself that “Fear mankind.”

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Eeii! The same people trolling him are now begging him for gifts? It’s indeed very interesting.

Check Out Some Screenshots To John Dumelo’s Posts Below:

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