Hot Video: Woman caught stealing hair from shop

Woman caught stealing hair from shop

Ahead of the December period where women will be glorified based on their appearance, fashionistas are frolicking beauty shops.

It is in one of such shoppings that a woman was caught on CCTV camera stealing bundles of her from a shop in Nigeria.

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The woman, under the guise of nose mask, swiftly pulled bundles of hair, as she strolls the shop for sampling.

In attempts to conceal the stolen items, the thief’s bag fell, but the sales attendant was too unsuspecting to notice.

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After completing her mission, she requested for more hair to be brought for sampling, before making her way to the exit.

According to the shop owner, the items were worth over N200,000, equivalent to GH¢3,000.00, and scolded the sales girl for being careless.

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Watch video below:

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