How To Reverse Wrong MTN Mobile Money Transactions In 2021


The initiation of MTN Mobile Money and other Mobile Money types have positively affected lives across Ghana. Even those in the deepest villages in Ghana can send and receive money without having to go to the major cities to access it. This mobile money technology has really lightened things for the most average Ghanaian, it also came with its own challenges, one of which is the wrong transaction of money to a different account.

At one point or the other in the life of anyone using MTN Mobile Money, they wrongly send money to different accounts while attempting to make payments or send money to kinsfolk.

As difficult as this situation sounds and is, it does not automatically mean a death sentence.

There are remedies to this situation.

In this blog, we shall look at ways to reverse a wrongful transfer on your MTN Mobile Money account.

Notification For MTN Ghana Customer Care
Person To Person Reversal (P2P)
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Notification For MTN Ghana Customer Care

Immediately you notice that they have sent an amount of money to a wrong number or a person on your MTN mobile money account, you must call MTN Customer care to reverse your transaction. To do so, the tail the following:

  • Dial the MTN customer care number; 100 within the first 5 days from the day you made the transaction.
  • Select your language
  • Selects Mobile Money
  • Select Wrongful Mobile Money Transaction
  • Select ‘Speak to an Agent’
  • Explain your situation to the agent on the line.
  • Mention the original account you were sending the money to.
  • Mention the account you mistakenly sent the money to.
  • State the exact amount involved.
  • Normally MTN would investigate the situation and send a reversal message to the person within 15 days,so be patient
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Once the person approves, you will have the money back in your account.

Person To Person Reversal (P2P)

If you find the MTN agent or customer care approach to be too cumbersome or unyielding, you may want to try the Person to Person reversal method.

So, for the person to Person reversal, it’s more about luck and how much you can convince people.

  1. Find the number you wrongly transferred the money to in your Momo transaction message.
  2. Call the person and tell them exactly how much you sent to them and the actual number you were sending the money to. Be sure to be calm in your speech and do not act in any funny way to raise suspicions of fraud.
  3. Ask them to check their mobile money accounts to confirm if the amount has reflected in the account.
  4. Once they confirm it to you, tell them to send the money back to you kindly. You can even offer them some point from the total amount as an appreciation. OR
  1. Dial *170#
  2. option 6 (my wallet) a next window will pop up
  3. Select option 4 report fraud
  4. Select the option that applies to you below
How To Reverse Wrong MTN Mobile Money Transaction
How To Reverse Wrong MTN Mobile Money Transaction

Once it’s done properly, the recipient of the money could send back your money to you as soon as they confirm that the money has truly been sent to their accounts mistakenly

In General

The best thing you can do is make sure you recheck your number and receiver’s name when sending money to someone using MTN Mobile Money.

Although this blog might sound very easy and straightforward, one thing you should know is that receiving your money back mainly depends on the recipient. If the recipient is not someone of honor or a trustworthy person, they may withdraw the money and keep rejecting your calls, It’s advisable to be very careful when performing any MTN transactions.

How To Reverse MTN Airtime Transfer

In addition to cash flow reversals, it is also possible to reverse the air time. Subscribers are able to purchase airtime using MTN cash. Similarly, they can reverse the transmission of MTN antenna time. This is through the mobile cash account that one uses to acquire airtime. To do so, go to the Mobile Money menu and click on “Top-up airtime”. Enter the amount of credit you need to purchase. Input your Mobile Money PIN. The Airtime Reload prompt is the confirmation SMS of a successful reload.

Despite the quality and success of airtime top-ups, it is possible to purchase airtime wrongly. When this happens, subscribers have the right to reverse it by using the MTN airtime transfer service. Instances of wrongful top-ups can happen in two scenarios. The first is where you put in the wrong amount and the second is where you put in the wrong number. Either way, there is a solution. To complete airtime reversals successfully, especially after sending airtime to the wrong person, follow this procedure;

  1. Dial the speed code *170#
  2. Reply 7 to access mobile your money wallet
  3. Select option 5 for airtime reversal Put the amount of transaction to be reversed, then enter 1 for executing process reversal.
  4. You will receive a confirmation SMS for a successful reversal. In case the reversal does not succeed, visit the nearest MTN mobile money agent, to review the claim. You will get assistance with the airtime reversal.

This procedure for airtime reversal has rules and regulations that have to be adhered to.

  • Initially, reversal must be for the purchase of airtime from your wallet.
  • Secondly, it must be initiated strictly from the subscriber’s wallet.
  • Thirdly, reversal from mobile money agents’ airtime are not acceptable. It means that these agents should not use their airtime to process reversals for customers and subscribers.
  • Fourthly, transactions below GHC 10 cannot be reversed. It’s the minimum amount allowed for reversals.
  • Fifth, only full amounts is reversed. This means that you should not use up the airtime before requesting a reversal.
  • Sixthly, the sender of the airtime needs to first receive approval to carry out the reversal procedure. Airtime reversals are only valid within 72 hours after the wrong transaction. Your chances thin out immediately after the erroneous transaction.
  • Finally, a verification note of the successful airtime reversal has to reach the sender after the reversal process is complete.

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