Huge explosion rocks Beirut, injuring thousands across Lebanese capital

Beirut explosion

The latest world breaking news is the massive explosion in the capital of Lebanon this afternoon. Fireballs were sent into the skies which spread through the city of Beirut. It has destroyed major properties and caused a mass loss of lives.


Consequently, it is rumored that the material that caused the explosion is Ammonium Nitrate. They kept in unsafe in a warehouse for over 6 years in the port.

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The massive explosion released a shockwave into the atmosphere which has caused several detrimental effects as buildings have collapsed and the city has been destroyed.

From the latest information, it has been confirmed that at least over 60 people have lost their lives. This explosion has caused the injury of several thousands of people as the updates keep on coming. The injury ranges from minor injuries to very critical situations.

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Also, cars that were at the port have all been destroyed and that could be attributed to the over 2000 tonnes of Ammonium Nitrate stored unsafely.

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The effects of the explosion were felt in Cyprus who is over hundreds of miles away from Beirut.

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