I admire girls but I’m scared to propose


Entertainment of Saturday, 9 October 2021

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Black Sherif is a fast rising trap musician and rapper play videoBlack Sherif is a fast rising trap musician and rapper

It appears having an unlimited supply of lyrical bars in rapping has a very parallel tangent to making moves on a woman; at least in the case of fast-rising Trap musician and Ghanaian rapper Black Sherif.

Born Mohammed Ismail Sherif, the First and Second Semon hitmaker says he has never been in an amorous relationship with any lady.

Speaking in an interview with Delay, Black Sherif disclosed that a bad experience in senior high school forced him to put brakes on that department of his life.

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According to Black Sherif, the experience of being rejected by a lady in SHS has created a scar, one so deep that it has paralysed him to repeat the gesture on another.

It’s not unusual to find an amiable and person of interest in showbiz, especially music to have admirers gushing over them.

But Black Sherif says he has chosen to distance himself from any such thing. For now, however, he doesn’t shy away from admiring ladies when he sees them.

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“I admire girls but wouldn’t make a move or propose… I’m now scared to approach a girl because of my past experience.

“The first time I made a move on a girl in senior high school, I was bounced. We had gone to school afresh and all the boys were making moves. I also followed suit to make a move but was turned down…” he explained to host Delay.

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When Delay further asked him if he had not gotten any propositions from his social media DMs, Black Sherif responded in the negative. He noted that his social media handles are usually handled by his management.

Still not convinced with his response, she asked, “so you’ve never had a girlfriend; it means you’re still a virgin?” to which Black Sherif affirmed.

Watch the interview from 17:48 for his response:

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