“I will never feature Sarkodie’s content on my platform again” – Kwadwo Sheldon vowed.

sark and sheldon

There has been a war between the fans of Kwadwo Sheldon and Sarkodie’s fans on Twitter for a while now. As many of these fans are throwing insults to each other, we are yet to find out what sparks these controversies among them.

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Kwadwo Sheldon throws insults and calls the rapper, Sarkodie, names which draws the attention of most of the sarknatives.

However, the sarknatives feel so disrespected and they also in returns to the bad comments of Kwadwo Sheldon make abusive comments about him.

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Kwadwo Sheldon took to his Twitter handle to officially announce that, He will never feature Sarkodie’s contents on his platform again.

Henceforth no Sarkodie content will be featured on my platforms.🤝🏿. Kwadwo Sheldon noted.


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