I’ll continue with prostitution for the next 3 years before I marry-19-year-old Ashawo


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The majority of the youth today know no shame at all.This generation of youngsters have religated the societal norms and ethics to the ground and have taken up cultures soo foreign to all.

They do anything thinking it’s the right way to go. Most of the youth are living in the ‘we are in the 21st-century’ mantra to live their life as they please. Its very sad tho!

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A shameless teenager in a video making rounds has stated that until she turns 23, she will continue with her ‘Ashawo’ business, thus will sleep with men as each day passes.

The 19-year-old girl happy about her current way of life mentioned enjoying life with multiple sexual partners to satisfy herself because she’s too young to marry now and in fact, she wants her vagina to ‘eat’ soo many ‘joysticks’.

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“I’m still young so I’ll continue doing the ashawo. When I reach my 20’s then I stop, it’s left with my 3 years to put my vajajay on sale and ‘eat my self’ “ the lady said in the video.


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