Informant’s murder: Close down Buduburam – Angry residents to government

Buduburam close down
Buduburam close down

Angry residents of the Gomoa East District are calling on the government to close down Buduburam or Liberia Camp. This comes in line with recent murder incidents that have happened in the lands of the town and its environs.

One of the most crime flooded places in Ghana is Buduburam. The place in recent years was reserved for Liberians who were suffering from civil war. Inhabitants from various parts of Africa have taken over the place and engage in various criminal activities.

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The recent incident was the killing of a Ghanaian alleged informant by a Cameroonian on Thursday afternoon. The Cameroonian stabbed the Ghanaian on suspicion that he was a police informant who supplies criminal information to the police.

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Buduburam killing

The residents on Gomoa Buduburam are calling for the closing of the Liberia camp to eradicate all foreigners. Some people are claiming that just as the president collapsed illegal mining, he should also collapse the Liberia Camp. Residents claim the rate at which murder incidents happen in the area is not encouraging.

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Although there has been security reinforcement in Buduburam, criminal incidents still increase. The town has been tagged as a place for criminal incidents like robbery, prostitution, and others. It is known that most of the illegal incidents are being done by foreigners from other African countries.

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Moreover, some residents claim that such incidents don’t happen in other African countries, but chance has been given in Ghana.