JHS graduate builds paddle car out of wood-[watch video]


Joseph Korley Tetteh is originally a draftsman but began manufacturing bicycles in 2009. He has created few bicycles and quite recently a ‘paddle car’, as he calls it.

Speaking to SVTV Africa, CEO of Seek Ye Bikes, Joseph explained what a paddle car is and why he created it.

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“I wanted to create something tourists could move around in when they visit our tourist sites and for large facilities or institutions. It is similar to a bicycle but it has a steering wheel, looks and feels like a car,” he told DJ Nyaami.

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Joseph who is, however, producing on a small scale and added that “these are prototypes. So I only manufacture on requests. If I get investors or partners to support financially, I will begin mass production.”

He added that photographers and video directors sometimes pick it up for photo and video shoots without a fee.

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Kindly check out the full interview below:

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