Kumawood movie producers, directors responsible for collapse of industry


Entertainment of Saturday, 2 October 2021

Source: www.ghanaweb.com

Kumawood actor and musician, Frank Naro play videoKumawood actor and musician, Frank Naro

• Frank Naro says Kumawood actors are not responsible for the collapse of the industry

• He has blamed movie producers and directors

• He has asked Oteele to apologize to Ghanaians and artistes for some “untrue” statements made

Kumawood actor cum musician, Frank Naro, says producers and directors of Kumawood movies are responsible for the collapse of the industry.

His comments come after actor Oteele blamed some actors asserting that the “arrogance” of some Kumawood actors is the cause of the fraternity’s downfall.

Disagreeing with Oteele’s statement, Frank Naro was of the view that actors are not at fault because producers and directors did not discharge their duties properly. He further expressed disappointment in his colleague (Oteele).

“I would be very disappointed in Director OT if he goes on to say this and I will use this opportunity to ask him to come and apologize to us if he sees this interview. Who has been arrogant to him? Is it all the artistes that have been arrogant? So he should come out and apologize to the artistes, as well as Ghanaians that he didn’t talk well.”

He added, “As a director and a producer, who calls artistes to set, who does cast, who pays artistes? So between an actor and a producer, who is strong enough to hold the industry? So he doesn’t have the right to say that we’re responsible for the collapse.”

The musician further asserted that they (producers and directors) worked with a particular set of persons in the industry and should therefore fault those people instead of every artiste.

Frank Naro was speaking in an interview with Poleeno Multimedia.

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