Lady mistakenly sends her nude photo to her company’s WhatsApp group


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A beautiful young lady has found herself in a big mess and is now left in a dilemma. She has shared her sad but funny story to the public through MX 24′ Broken Pen seeking advice.

Concealing her identity to avoid further shame, the lady gave no name.

Sharing her misery, the lady said she was working hard as expected of her in her job, an Investment Company as a Client Service Manager.

According to the now-frustrated lady, her beliefs and hard work were put to the test months into her job.

She chronicles that she started admiring a newly appointed Managing Director -MD- of the company she worked in.

The curvaceous staff finds it difficult to put herself together whenever she sets eyes on her boss, the new MD who apparently is a married man and a church elder.

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As she was admiring the boss, he (the boss) on the other hand, liked her.

He now made the move and keep hitting on her to get his way through her pants because her banging body was seductively irresistible.

According to her, all these while she was firm and resisted the temptation until the iPhone 12 was released.

She in her writings revealed that at the time of the new release she was using an iPhone 7plus whiles all her female friends had upgraded to owning the latest iPhone 12.

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All this while she never felt the pressure to change her phone until she started hanging out with her friends who had acquired the latest iPhone 12. She felt the pressure.

The lady wanted to be on par with her pals because she couldn’t take the embarrassment anymore each time she goes out with friends and had to take their phones to take snaps.

Finally, She broke her vows. The desperate lady fell for her boss’s antics and had sex with him just to get for herself the latest phone.

Unbelievably, the Manager delivered to her a fresh in box iPhone 12 pro max at her doorstep the next day after their affair at a hotel.

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A week after their bedroom encounter, she was blinded into doing things without thinking because she might have fallen in love. Then the unexpected happened.

She took a naked mirror photo of herself and with the intention of sending it to her boss who is also a church elder and a married man on WhatsApp only for her to mistakenly upload it on her company’s top client’s chat group which had the boss in there.

Big mess up!

The story is interesting, right? Do you want to know what happened next? Relax! I got you covered, Well, she got fired the next day following the incident.

 Read the continuation of the story below;

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