Lydia Forson slams Eagle Prophet over doom prophecy about Akuapem Poloo


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    Lydia Forson has angrily reacted to a prophecy delivered by Eagle Prophet about a plot by a dozen men to sexually abuse actress Akuapem Poloo.

    In the last few hours, a video went viral that saw the General overseer and founder of God’s Crown Chapel proclaiming that he has had a vision that Akuapem Poloo will be raped by a gang of 12 men.

    His prophecy added that the act will cause Poloo to bleed profusely and eventually result in her death. Eagle Prophet, however, explained that by prayer intervention, the revelation could be thwarted.

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    As expected the prophecy has been met with mixed reactions from a section of Ghanaians who have questioned why most prophecies by some pastors in the country are centred on bad happenings.

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    Lydia Forson also expressed her displeasure by questioning the rationale behind the doom prophecy.

    She wrote: “I mean what is this??? It’s always some prophecy about doom, why?!”

    Meanwhile, Akuapem Poloo has taken to social media to responded to the doom prophecy.

    She shared a self-recorded video of herself on Instagram to thank the Prophet for making the revelation known to her.

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    A religious Akuapem Poloo who believes “God reveals to redeem” said she trusts that God will save her from the hands of the people plotting to harm her.

    Watch her reaction below.

    She also called on her fans to remember her in their prayers to avert the tragedy from manifesting.

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