Make $42 every 10 days with Chymall on your phone. ditals

Make $42 online every 10 days

Let’s firstly look at what E. Commerce business is , E-Commerce : The advent of internet brought about the transfer of commercial activities (i.e. buying and selling) from the physical realm to such that is done on internet-enabled electronic
gadgets. Hence, E-Commerce is buying and selling using internet-enabled electronic devices such as computers and mobile phones.

The name of the business is CHY Mall:

It’s a mega online shopping mall like kikuu, Alibaba, Jumia and the rest.Chy E-Commerce business (online mall) runs on a trading system called “NEW RETAIL”

New Retail” is a concept propounded by Mr .JACK MA in October 2016 where he mentioned that in the next 10 to 20 years, there will be no E-commerce at all. There
will only be “New retail”.

This is a concept where the retailer (middleman) in physical buying and selling is being replaced by customers
who then become the new retailers. This means that the commerce industry relies mainly on the internet to facilitate and promote the production, circulation and sales of goods and services through big data.
This concept has the capacity to make international trade more inclusive.

Robert kiyosaki

Please note , that you are not selling anything, you buy products and company sells for you on little commission and your profit drop together with your capital after 10-12days in which you can now trade again and both your profit and capital drops back after 10-12day and it goes on like that.

On each of your trade, the company gives you a product depending on the package you register.

The free products are for you to use and if you are a good marketer, you can also sell to make more money

Note Also that the payment is one time payment, and the trading capital is refundable*

In this business:

You don’t need to invite anyone before you start making money every 10-12 days.
You are not under any pressure to sell any market as the company sell for you
No monthly autoship
The company also gives you Free gift on any product you trade on for every 10-12 days

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You spend less than 5 minutes in every trade, it’s so simple

1. You make profits every 10-12 days

2. You are your own boss, you control your business as a partner.

3.You can withdraw your Trading Capital

4.You can withdraw profit through MTN Mobile Money, Bank, or Bitcoin

5.No skill required

6.You will get free CHY products to use every time you trade

7.You can make more income when you sponsor people to partner with CHY, this is 100% optional.

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VIP 2 Total Pack cost: $140* (¢770)
Every 10 days profit= $7..(¢38.5).
Every Month profit= $21..(¢115.5)..
Plus product:…$150.. (¢825)
Products are Beauty spray, Ring and Belly button.

VIP 3 Total Pack cost: $280* (¢1,540)
Every 10 days profit= $14 (¢77)
Every Month profit= $42.(¢231)
Plus product:..$300..(¢1,650)
Products are eyes glasses, Fuel saver and compression mask

VIP 4 Total Pack cost: $840* (¢4,620)
Every 10 days profit= $42 (¢231)
Every Month profit= $127 (¢693)
Plus product:..$900..(¢4,950)
Products are pendant and chip

VIP 5 Total Pack cost: $1680* (¢9,240)
Every 10 days profit= $84 (¢462)
Every Month profit= $252 (¢1,386)
Plus product:..$1800..(¢9,900)
Products are Facemask, Foot Massager, Quantum Watch

VIP6 is currently available for those who can afford it

Please Note

*CHY is not an investment scheme.

*CHY is not a bank.

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🔖We’re an e-Commerce company.

•We run a buying and selling concept via a revolutionary ideology called NEW RETAIL.

•You must buy before company helps you to sell what you bought (physical products).

•If you don’t buy, you will make no profit and company won’t sell for you. Very simple!

•We deal on physical products you can see, touch and use for numerous health benefits.

•Aside trading, (money-making), CHY’s main value is touching lives via modern health technologies.

We’re not a money-mongering company. Healthy lives first before money.

•This is why company supplies you with health products every month. They’re for you and your loved ones. Use them, gift others or feel free to resell.

Finally, note that CHYMALL is here to stay. It’s time for you to decide on how to let your money work for you.

If you are still in doubt check the following

Register CHYMALL Now or Join WhatsApp group for guidance, presentation and registration. Come and be blessed. NB : don’t be selfish share this amazing opportunity with your friends and family.