Microsoft PowerPoint Keyboard Shortcut for Windows.


Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best software for creating a presentation for your business presentations, lectures and tutorials. PowerPoint is mostly used by business men, teachers, and students.

Learning the keyboard shortcuts of the Microsoft PowerPoint application will help you to navigate the app easily and fast. It will help you to save time as you work.

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Below is a list of Microsoft PowerPoint application you should know.

Creating presentations
Ctrl + NNew presentation
Ctrl + MNew slide
Ctrl + SSave presentation
Alt + N, PInsert picture
Alt + N, S, HInsert shape
Alt + H, LSlide layout
Page downNext slide
Page upPrevious slide
Ctrl + UpMove selected slide up
Ctrl + DownMove selected slide down
Ctrl + Shift + UpMove selected slide to the beginning
Ctrl + Shift + DownMove selected slide to the end
Alt + HHome tab
Alt + NInsert tab
Ctrl + NAdd comment
Ctrl + RReply to comment
Ctrl + QClose PowerPoint
Alt + FFile
Alt + HHome
Alt + NInsert
Alt + GDesign
Alt + KTransitions
Alt + AAnimations
Alt + SSlide Show
Alt + RReview
Alt + WView
Alt + YHelp
F5Start presentation from beginning
Shift + F5Start presentation from current slide
Alt + F5Start the presentation in Presenter View
NNext animation/slide
PPrevious animation/slide
BDisplay black slide
WDisplay white slide
SStop/restart an automatic presentation
Number, then EnterGo to the slide number specified
HomeTo the first slide
EndTo the last slide
TSet timings
RRecord narration and timing
Alt + PPlay/pause media
Alt + QStop media
Alt + UpIncrease volume
Alt + DownDecrease volume
Alt + UMute
TabCycle hotspot
Shift + F10Context menu
Ctrl + TShow taskbar
EscEnd presentation