Moesha Buduong saw blood when she called her Nigeria boyfriend – Brother


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    There have been different stories on how popular slay queen Moesha Buduong got to this stage in her life with a lot of people asking which of these stories are true.

    After her repentance video, the first story that came out stated that she was acting just to win the sympathy of his boyfriend’s family who are not ready to accept her into their family as an in-law.

    Another story came out that she had slept with one of her boyfriends from Nigerian who used her soul in exchange for riches because he belonged to an occultic group.

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    Well, Samuel Nelson who is the Personal assistant of the Moesha, has disclosed the actual thing that led to Moesha’s repentance and current state.

    In a leaked audio that has found its way onto social media, Nelson was heard narrating to actress Salma Mumin that Moesha was supposed to meet her Nigerian boyfriend who is a senator but she missed her flight.

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    The senator got angry with her so she decided to call him on a video call to apologize to him since that is what she always does when she offends him adding that she always pretends to be crying just to win back the senator.

    He continued that Moesha after the senator answer the call saw him with blood all over him.

    The P.A stated that Moesha after seeing that shouted and dropped the call she later went out to tell people closer to her about what she has seen.

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    Later, the senator called her to warn her not to tell anyone what she saw otherwise she wouldn’t have it easy but by then Moesha had already told a lot of people.

    Listen to the audio below:

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    He made all these allegations while speaking in a phone conversation with actress Salma Mumin on the happenings in the life of Moesha.

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