Nana Aba grammatically corrects a man who asked her out for lunch.

Nana Aba

Nana Aba Anamoah has grammatically correct a man who actually asked her out for lunch on her Twitter page.

The man after realizing his mistake quickly deleted his tweet which was retweeted by Nana Aba with the caption being the correction made by Nana Aba.

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The man, tweeted “I want launch sponsored by you Nana”. This little mistake committed by this young man got everybody talking about him in the comment session of Nana Aba’s post.

Nana Aba in reply to the tweet posted by the young man tagging her, said, “There’s a difference between launch and lunch”.

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Launch as used in the young man’s tweet doesn’t mean food eaten in the middle of the day but rather, it means to set something in motion.

See the pictures below:

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