No vaccine should be inserted into the body of any Zambian – Former VP of Zambia declares.

Dr. Nevers Mumba of Zambia

Former Vice President of Zambia, Dr. Nevers Mumba has voiced his perspective of the covid-19 vaccines. He urged the Zambian president not to vaccinate any Zambian without having the vaccine thoroughly examined by Zambian Scientists.

In a video that surfaced on the internet, the former vice president Dr. Nevers expressed his strong concern which is against the vaccination of Zambian. He said he does not trust the vaccine which was labeled “Not for distribution in the US, Canada or EU.”

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Dr. Nevers also stated that how will we know if the same vaccine which President of the United States of America, President Joe Biden receives is the real vaccine since they are not there to see for themselves.

The video which is trending on YouTube sparked a dialogue in the comment session as many commented in favor of Dr. Nervers and few others are against his speech on the covid-19 vaccination.

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Watch the video below: