Pascaline Edwards loses her son


Another fall has happened as top Ghanaian actress Pascaline Edwards has lost his son. This news broke after the renowned actress took to social media to mourn her son. Research proves that her son is in his late twenties group.

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Pascaline Edwards and son

The deceased is by name Kobby and his death has caused a standstill on social media. Many people are reacting to this breaking news and showing their heartfelt emotions to the actress. Moreover, the cause of his death is unknown.

Reacting to the post on social media, the togolese born actress Pascaline Edwards expressed her state of mess, confusion and her level of speechlessness on the death of her son.

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Pascaline Edwards and son on left. Friend on right

“I’m still confused, shattered speechless, can’t sleep, can’t eat,” she tweeted as she described her current state.

She also shared a photo with her handsome son she captioned ‘My Pain’ with a sad face emoji, which attracted messages of condolence from well-wishers.