Pastor Allegedly Impregnated Two Underage Sister Then Asked The Older One To Keep The Baby For This

Nigerian Pastor

A Nigerian Man of God, Pastor Paul Nduka Anyanwu, who fellowships at the well-known Nigerian church, Lord’s Chosen Church, has been accused of raping two young sisters and impregnating them with the intention, under the guise of discarding setbacks or “bad luck” from their lives.

The pastor is stationed at the Canaan Land assembly of the Lord’s Chosen Church in Oshodi. He has allegedly impregnated the two underaged sisters of ages 13 and 17. It is recalled that Pastor Paul Nduka stated raping these young girls when the older one was aged 16 and the younger one, 9.

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From the information gathered, the parents knew what was going on but were not against it. This was because the pastor told them that it was the only way some spiritual effects will be removed from their daughters.

The arrest of the alleged Man of God

As years went by, a team of advocates from an organization by name Stop The Abuse Foundation arrested the pastor for raping the children but the family of the children defended the pastor. The family made mention that the pastor was doing the work of God and has also promised to marry the eldest daughter.

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The Stop The Abuse Foundation made some necessary findings concerning the incident. According to them, the Man of God had sex with the girls for years. They also noted that he had promised the family that he would marry the elder girl. He wants the older sister to keep the pregnancy and will marry her. In the case of the younger sister, the Pastor called for abortion. He stated that it was a mere mistake.

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Police Officials of the Makinde Police Station apprehended the alleged Man of God. He is in their custody of the police, awaiting the law to deal with him.

The world has reached a stage where fake pastors have taken over the world. They claim to be men of God just to gain favor and do some unnecessary things. Let us all beware and learn from this.