Pastor wrestles mad man on the streets to make him fall under the anointing during deliverance [Pastor]


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Social media users have angrily reacted to a viral video of a street evangelist using a rare tactic to purportedly heal a mentally challenged man on a busy street.

The yet-to-identified pastor shown in the clip is seen holding the man who has lost his sanity against his and coercing him to fall under the anointing during a deliverance session.

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The pastor – who was bent on saving the day by delivering the mad man from his insanity – laid his hands on him as most pastors do.

But the mad man seemed very ready to contend with the preacher as he stood his grounds to fight him back with all his might.

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After several attempts to let the mad man fall under the anointing, he lifted him up and threw him to the ground as if they were engaged in a wrestling fight in the ring at the WWE studios.

Watch the video below

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