Pat Thomas’ ‘I can say’ featured in Marvel’s Loki season finale


Entertainment of Monday, 26 July 2021


Pat Thomas

• Pat Thomas has had a major feature in one of Marvel’s productions

• His song, “I can say”, was featured in the season finale of Loki

• Pat Thomas recorded this song in 1976

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One of Pat Thomas’ songs has been featured in the season finale of Marvel’s latest MCU TV series, Loki.

This came to light in New Rockstars, who specializes in footage breakdowns and easter egg hunts on Youtube, as he shared details of a few more songs marvel used in this season finale.

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The Ghanaian highlife legend’s song, “I can say,” which he did with the band Marijata, was also caught by Eric Voss in the intro, reports

“I can say” is from Pat Thomas’ second album “Pat Thomas Introduces Marijata,” recorded in 1976.

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Also in the feather of Ghana’s cup has been another feature in at least one role: Abraham Attah played Peter Parker’s Academic Decathlon teammate, Abe, in 2017’s “Spiderman: Homecoming.”

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