‘People are selling their souls to become famous’-Korede Bello


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Nigerian singer and songwriter, Koredo Bello has made a wild claim on Twitter via a post. According to him, the price of fame is at an all-time high.

He revealed that many people are selling their souls to the devil, apparently, to become famous in their respective crafts.

The eagerness to become popular amongst the youth especially has made some of them go the extra mile to selling their souls in exchange for fame.

Even some of the celebrities we know and idolize have sold their soul for money and prestige.

Throughout history, many famous people have claimed that they can give thanks for all of their success because they made a deal with the Devil.

This comes from the fact that some believe that if you promise Satan himself that he can have your soul rotting in Hell after you die, it’s possible to get whatever your heart desires when you’re still alive.

“the price of fame is at an all time high. Souls being sold out here’ He wrote.

Koredo Bello signed a record deal with Mavin Records in 2014.

Bello is best known for his hit single “Godwin”, a semi-gospel and pop song that became a national anthem and topped many music charts across.

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