Some Historic Pictures You must see.


History is very essential in human life as it keeps record of the past and reveal the amazing lifestyles of the old.

There are so many events that happened in the past that were kept for remembrance. Some of these past happenings created a better today for human societies all around the world.

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These are some historic pictures that are worth seeing. These pictures are taken many years ago and have been kept because of the memories that they’ve created.

Watch the pictures below:

Watchmaker Isaac Penard. Silver pocket watch in the shape of a skull. Switzerland, 1640

Hachiko before the funeral: Hachiko is the most loyal dog in the world

Football players on Sofiyskaya embankment, 1958, Moscow
A whale thrown ashore by the tsunami, 1952, Severo-Kurilsk, USSR
Steven Spielberg, behind the scenes of the movie Jaws
Times Square, 1903, New York
Computer advertisement, 1980. Note the memory size of 10MB.
Madame Tussauds Wax Museum employee combing Twiggy’s model, London, 1967